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Color you should try this fall: sky blue

Sky blue is my favorite color. Every time I see this color, I would feel very happy. I believe the beautiful sky blue will bring you good mood in such cold and depressing season. Wear the color of the sky on your body this fall and winter!
There are many shades of blue. Among all blue shades, the sky blue is especially lively and sweet. These unique characters sky blue stand out from the other blue shades. Sky blue is the first choice for many elegant ladies. A color expert once said: "When surrounded by blue, your blood pressure and pulse rate will be reduced; pastel colors like sky blue will make you feel peaceful and calm; wearing sky blue can also express your open and lively personalities."
What colors can we wear with sky blue? Many fashion icons had showed us how to wear sky blue. Let’s look at their styles and see if we can find some inspiration.
Wear sky blue with earth tones
Sky blue goes well with earth tones. They look very harmonious in nature, isn’t it? Look at the fashion icon in the picture. She looked really elegant in a super long sky blue coat. The clean sky blue made her earth-tone handbag very salient.
Wear sky blue with other shades of blue
Wearing sky blue with other blue shade is the safest way to wear sky blue. You can use different shades of blue to create gradient visual effects. I believe every woman must have at least one pair of jeans in closet. You might wear your jean with your sky blue tops or coat. The model in the picture showed us how to match sky blue coat with jeans perfectly. Bridesmaid dresses in different shades of blue are on sale now at LunaDress!
Wear sky blue with black
Black goes well with all colors. Sky blue is a very picky color, only a few colors would go well with it. And black is such a color that will make sky blue look more refreshing when they matched together. Keep in mind that you should pay attention to the proportion if you plan to wear black with sky blue. You will easily get color imbalance. 

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