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Cinderella Dress Making Prom Night a Special Event 

  There comes a time in almost every American girl's life where she needs to shop for a prom dress. There are thousands of options and styles, from short to long and halter to strapless. Shopping for the ideal dress can be a fun and memorable experience when done right. In teen movies, Hollywood plays an upbeat song while a montage plays of a sweet girl trying on crazy and ridiculous dresses until she finds elegant perfection. In much the same fashion, high school girls will go out with a group of girlfriends, their mother, or even their father to find their Cinderella gown.

  Planning the event before prom can be just as fun as the dance itself. The lovely couple can dine alone or go as a group with a bunch of friends. Dining with friends is a good idea. It means that everyone in the party can pitch in to rent a limo for the night. The group can take a cruise around town, be chauffeured to the restaurant and the prom venue and back home, safely. Sparkling cider can be served in flute glasses in the limo to celebrate the night. The ride should be accompanied by music, laughter and fun times with friends.

  The first step to selecting an appropriate and memorable prom dress is forming a budget. Parents are often helpful in this manner. This allows the shoppers to save time and energy by looking at dresses with real possibilities, rather than unrealistic expectations. Once a budget is established, the shopper will have a better idea what stores to browse and the shopping adventure can begin.

  Some questions that should be taken into consideration are: Will there be dancing? What color would look best? Should the dress be bold and noticeable? What aspect of the body would be preferable to accentuate? Answering these questions can narrow down the options and make shopping a much easier adventure. For example, if there will be a lot of dancing, a long style dress may be a difficult type of outfit to wear.

  The guy also has some planning to do when it comes to making prom night special. He should be sure to purchase a corsage to place on his date's wrist when he picks her up. He could find a matching carnation to place in the front pocket of his own jacket. An alternative to the corsage is giving her a single rose for her to keep in a vase at home. He should plan to pick her up at her house, take photos and treat her like a queen.

  Comfort and safety should also be kept in mind. While it is often said that beauty is worth a little pain, a lunadress or accessories that cause excessive discomfort or pose a safety risk can quickly ruin the evening. When remembering her prom, a young lady does not want to look back on a night of sore feet or the embarrassment of tripping over a long train. A smart shopper will not only try her clothes on before purchasing them, but walk around in them, as well. This will help ensure that the gown is suitable.

  Whether the couple chooses to have dinner with a group of friends or just a romantic dinner for two, reservations should be made ahead of time, as to have the best night possible. Reservations can be made for an entire room for a large group. Or, if preferred, the couple can reserve a table by candlelight in their favorite restaurant. It is also a fun idea to have strolling strings or a musician dedicate a song on their harp, guitar or other instrument. This will make for a wonderful night to always remember.

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