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Addoway is an online marketplace that helps you shop from sellers you can trust. Our mission is to guide you through the most trustworthy shopping experience imaginable by allowing you to make more confident buying decisions.

Through our integration with Facebook's Social Graph, we recommend merchants your friends have purchased from in the past and merchants that your friends know personally. And by aggregating a seller's reputation, credibility and influence scores, we offer an inside look into the seller before you buy. Making this information readily available, we are able to reduce the anxieties associated with marketplace shopping and offer a more pleasant shopping experience.

How do you know the seller?

If you are socially connected to a seller through Facebook, we show you what mutual connections you have. What's better than shopping from a friend or a friend-of-a-friend?

Mutual Friends

What are your friends buying?

We allow you see your friend's purchase history*, and which sellers they have bought from. You should feel more comfortable buying from a seller, knowing that one or more of your friends bought from them too.

Buyer Purchase History

* Anyone may opt out of sharing their purchase history.

Who am I dealing with?

On Addoway, you don't just see a seller's reputation score. We go further than that, encouraging our sellers to link their Klout and display their Social Influence score. Sellers can also link their Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to their store, so it's all in one place, giving you a better idea of who you're dealing with before you buy.

Meet the Seller