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I am human and not afraid

Kids Du Rags I am not shy but am a little aprehensive sharing on the vast internet. I have stood in front of groups sharing, large & small, 1 on 1, online, in person, telephone, email, etc. SHARING is EDUCATING & HELPING others.  [IMG][/IMG] In 1997, pregnant with my daughter, I was beaten nearly to death. Trauma to the head, neck, spine. Divorce, burying my Daddy, giving birth, then down hill from there. My prayers were to survive long enough to deliver my baby girl. I am human and not afraid. Singing When the body go completely crazy on a person, it takes its toll. Not knowing is bad, learning the diagnoses is winning half the battle. Most times, reaching the figuring it all out stage is more than most can bear. Another surgery I worked since the age of 13, active, 2 jobs at once most times, went to...  Read More

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