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Frogs...... just one of GOD's amazing creations.  Fully Rely On God.  F-R-O-G. 

Such a simple sweet creature that is a reminder to many.  I used to have crosses and frogs decorating my office in the house that we lost to a fire.  I even had a HUGE stuffed frog at perched around in various places in my office.  He was my assistant. 

When we located a house for rent and started moving in a friend came over and handed me 2 little frogs.  He said his 2 year old stopped him as he was leaving the house and told him to take these frogs to me, that I needed them.  So, he brought them. 

Fully Rely On God, gifted frogs
This little 2 year old child was sending a message.  There are angels all around us if we only pay attention and notice.  I have not met this little angel yet but I will.  I have seen photos.  :). 

I clutched onto those two little stuffed animals and toted them around...  Read More

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