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DIY Bird Cake Topper





2 yards bark covered wire
2 small feather birds
1 handful of reindeer moss
Velvet millinery flowers
Velvet millinery leaves
1 fresh hydrangea bloom
1 floral water tube
1 small piece of heavy cardstock


Hot glue gun
Wire cutters


Most supplies are readily available in the floral section of any major craft store. The birds are available in crafts stores too, or check Ebay for vintage ones. For velvet leaves and flowers, new or vintage, try visiting


Cut a circle out of the cardstock, 3.5 inches in diameter.

Coil approximately two yards of bark covered wire into a small nest shape, approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. (see figure 1)

Use your hot glue gun to adhere the nest to the card stock. (see figure 2)

Glue a thick layer of moss in the center of your nest. Attach velvet leaves and flowers using the glue gun. (see figure 3)

Next, nest your birds in the moss and add a little glue beneath them to keep them in place. (see figure 4)

Cut the stem of your hydrangea so it’s only an inch or two long. Insert the stem into the water filled tube. (see figure 5)

Tuck the end of the tube into the nest, so it’s concealed by the moss, and place on top of your cake. (see figure 6)

The bloom should remain fresh in the tube for at least 24 hours.


Spool of bark covered wire – $10
Birds $2.00 each x 2 = $4.00
Velvet leaves and flowers – $4.00
Hydrangea – snipped from the yard – $0
Water tube – $.25
Small bag of moss – $2

Total amount spent – $20.25

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Reader Comments  (8)

LatinaTurk | November 10th 2011 at 1320983349

So cute. I have 2 lil birds. They are my family....and I love making ribbon things for them. They love to unravel ribbons. My green bird, he wil work on unraveling for hours. Going to make ribbon stuff for them...that will be my Christmas.
So cute....
Royal Presence
Royal Presence | November 30th 2011 at 1322702408

Great instructions! Do you have some supplies here on addoway?
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | November 30th 2011 at 1322702737

Love it! ;-D
Victorian Rose Inc
Victorian Rose Inc | November 30th 2011 at 1322703578

Wow!!! Everyone, thank you so much for stopping by, and also for the lovely compliments.

And sorry to Turkish for taking so long to respond. I never received the message that you had stopped by.
Victorian Rose Inc
Victorian Rose Inc | November 30th 2011 at 1322703713 - in reply to RoyalPresence

Thank you again for stopping by and also for your wonderful compliment. No, unfortunately, I do not have the supplies available for purchase. Usually, for these type of supplies, it is much less expensive to go to your local craft store and purchase them using coupons and/or going to their special sales events. It just wouldn't be cost affective for me to sell these supplies online, but thank you for asking.
Victorian Rose Inc
Victorian Rose Inc | November 30th 2011 at 1322703781 - in reply to turkishmarket-usa

It is nice that you have such special friends to spend the holidays with :-)
Ayuni Gifts of the World
Ayuni Gifts of the World | November 30th 2011 at 1322706209

great instructions.......
Victorian Rose Inc
Victorian Rose Inc | November 30th 2011 at 1322710642 - in reply to ayunigifts

Thank you Ayuni, for your very kind compliment :-)

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