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when buying cigarettes configuration fine selection

Third priority "cigarettes configuration" is of great importance Now, "Cigarettes configuration" concept is not deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. But the situation not future is different from the past also equivalent. Method of the Wuding procedure, TimeShift. Several factors such as the strength of the people, for the promotion of cigarettes taste driving society, economy, history, culture tracking makes the consumer concern "cigarettes configuration" is a necessary and the trend of development will be. The fast pace of modern life to and caused a psychological relaxation, modern humans began life, the pursuit of exquisite, elegant life adapt details. Even if it's really busy, have awareness of "time", that attention makes the consumer when buying cigarettes configuration fine selection is a possibility. Secondly, with the progress of society, which persecute people their health psychology is active, began in the eye to see some life details. The above mentioned "smart" is a negative attitude. Because it does not like it very much, in the hospital check-up,Cheap Newport Cigarettes go to scared regularly not not to say a medical, not about health care, but for the fact that an unhealthy. But more and more people start to understand, then a larger adjustment is faced with problems, space to gain greater health risk. So, from the point of view of health, smokers should pay attention to the "cigarettes configuration" to pay to consciously choose to suit their taste and health hazard the smallest category of the cigarette. Is "free and easy escape" in his "positive face problems could be healthier, healthier". In General, the introduction is by "cigarettes configuration" concept, to promote "cigarettes configuration" contributes to this, which helps to improve overall picture of cigarette products to make the awareness of each cigarette brand. If consumers are cigarette as much detail as IT products up to the individual configurations,Newport 100s so that each "cigarettes configuration" can a ray of hope to be a selling point. "First of all, I need something low-tar, the second is the clear, sweet, sweet taste, is right, the price below $20, wine-growing area is again XX", after I midpoint these decisions in the brain confirmation, the cigarette they found -That's it, "cigarette configuration" consciousness of consumers and smoke simulation to buy. With the concept of "cigarettes configuration" in the heart, when the consumer buys is the standard of choice. This feeling is similar to the current Taobao shopping, if goods information filtering. Propaganda "cigarettes configuration", under the condition of the Status quo, the psychological category is essentially cigarette brand consumer choice expanded space, to meet different customer demand and consumer psychology. You focus on the "cigarettes configuration", the reason enough to purchase can make available, can also be applied, to buy cigarettes, smoking in the direction of the development of smoke, smokers in smoking increase mental pleasure. The so-called, is conscious, to each item "cigarettes configuration" to validate is to not feel carefully, what is the light fragrance after the first bite is light, what to try, what level of smoke smell, for entrance to suck in the Middle have unchanged, fast burning smell taste thicken or faded, tactility, portability filter cigarette, cigarette case design, whether read heart pleasant for the eyes, and so on and so on, can the object be fine taste. You focus on the "cigarettes configuration", the opportunity is more in a deep understanding to the audience, cigarette product brand culture have become one, and the value of the cigarette brand. Objectively, the cigarette brand is relatively not influenced culture consumers to accept, but producers, product leave together, consumer after repeated interaction, tire brand culture is a comprehensive, systematic and clear logical structure. But consumers for the understanding of the brand culture is gradual, cumulative, there by points and lines, line and surface, a process of Planar and three-dimensional. You focus on the "cigarettes configuration" to speed up the process. As is for example buying a particular brand of cigarettes, is for the buyback, which will also not see smoke, now begin to focus on the deployment of the first "" Oh, thats a little Coke,

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