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anyone smoking in the great Hall of the people

Bai Yansong group in the great Hall of the people smoking: small to large disaster Bai Yansong said anyone smoking in the great Hall of the people, said: "I think a Word is as"a little can neglect damage to breed", in which small can't stand his little addiction in the State policy about looks when you go?" Hi, here are all "two sessions 1 + 1" the two special programs for you, to live, today show two total moment at the beginning of a positive energy, is a negative energy. We take a look at the positive energy, it is a blind Commissioner Yang to hear together. State Committee of PKKCV Yang: Although my eyes do not see, but can feel it from the heart. Positive energy: blind Commissioner Yang speak (CPPCC) Chinese people's political consultative conference The host: Yang feels very elegant but also very confident,Newport Cigarettes Store like the spring breeze, and they say political consultative conference plenary session of consecutive Chinese people to be found on the pulpit to do the first blind person to Conference speech. In the process of which you had to be on the podium, a round of applause rang out, so I want to ask my partner Yansong, it was at this time, I think like applause for them, not only because she was blind. Bai Yansong: At that time I touched also very, very, because I know Yang is also very good. In the past, when it feel to you always like the spring breeze, that today, when she on such a platform was particularly unusual, because that's, you think you said earlier, this is the story of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, first took speech at the Conference to commemorate the blind. And please keep in mind that it for example, is not as representatives or as such as the blind, to speak representative of society as a senior of intellectual Jiusan. That reminds me now for another problem, such as the current China is more than eight thousand people with disabilities, so that in our account for about 6% of the share of the population. Can we go our entire representative members, and is a representative on behalf of people with disabilities and members to be whether or not the share,Wholesale Marlboro Gold Cigarettes which help them in participate? I think the problem is, it is worth to think about us, more so for the members and the sun shines like Yang that praise show. Many people feel it the substance of the speech today is about energy, in fact she herself is not the warm a positive energy?

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