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Travis E. Austin/Trinity's Treasure

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Member Since:  Sep 2011
Welcome to Trinity's Treasure....a collection of unique...sometimes antique....and usually very distinct items that we hope will add beauty to your home or office and joy and satisfaction to your heart! We take pride in the fact that although you may find just about anything is something that you will not find hardly anywhere else! A great deal of time is spent collecting, picking, rummaging, shopping,yard sale'n, Flea Marketing and venturing into about every thrift store and Goodwill from here to the moon....or so it seems.....just to find that particular item that stands out above all the others and just seems to fall into the category of neat...collectible....interesting....unusual....and visually stimulating to say the least! They say that one persons junk is another persons treasure.....that may be so.....What we say is ..."Our your treasure"....I think I enjoy...  Read More
"" It's the little things that make it all worth it "....." I need another collectible like a hole in the head...but I like I'm gonna get it"....."How much? That's all? I'll take it!"......"
Name:Trinity's Treasure
Location:Trinity, North Carolina
United States
Since:Nov 2001