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Why Marble Flooring Is a Good Substitute to Hardwood Flooring

When choosing an elegant and durable flooring, you often have a choice between hardwoods and natural stone. Marble is one of the most recommended natural stone tiles that can easily make your home more sophisticated and luxurious, as well as add more value to it. The rock comes from limestone, with white marble coming from limestone's purest form. Because it comes from natural stone, marble tiles consist of different colors and unique patterns. Below are just some of the many reasons why marble flooring may be a good substitute to hardwood flooring:
It lasts longer – Investing in marble tiles makes sense if you want your flooring to last for generations. Marble is extremely durable and can last much longer than other floor tiles. When you consider the replacement costs associated with hardwood flooring, installing and maintaining marble flooring is far more cost effective. Even the most durable hardwood floors can only last for at least two decades, and they usually require a lot of maintenances to keep them in good condition.
It is easier to maintain – Hardwood floors require waxing and special forms of finishing to preserve their quality. Treatments must be done routinely on certain hardwood floors to prevent insect infestation, too. You do not have to worry about those with marble flooring. Any spills or dirt can easily be wiped away or cleaned with mild soap, water, and a clean washcloth.
Marble is stain resistant – Did you spill grape juice or wine? Don’t worry—it is unlikely to leave a permanent mark on the marble floor. However, remember that the stone is not stain-proof, so you should still deal with any spills as soon as you can.
You can use marble anywhere in your house – Most hardwood flooring may be limited in their applications, but marble can be used anywhere. Tiles can be supplied for indoor applications (including bathrooms and kitchens) while pavers can transform your outdoor spaces (like your pool deck and patio) into chicer and more sophisticated areas for entertaining.

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