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Travertine Pool Coping - The Perfect Solution for Your Pool

Finding the perfect coping can be a challenge especially if you are remodeling or building a swimming pool for the first time. You want to make sure that the pool coping is safe and suitable for a constantly wet and damp area, so you can confidently and safely get out of your pool or walk around it. Travertine is one of the preferred materials for pool copings due to its elegant appearance and durability. Travertine pool copings can be customized to fit any shape or size of a pool. Some manufacturers carry prefabricated pool copings that have a smooth, bull-nosed edge and are ready to install.


Travertine pool coping is a high-grade material that comes in different finishes. Tumbled travertine copings will provide a smooth and cohesive look to your pool's edge while ensuring superb resistance to extreme weather conditions. Cement surfaces tend to absorb heat, making them uncomfortable when you are barefoot. Meanwhile, travertine is both slip resistant comfortable to walk on (even on hot days), so the material will not burn your feet. A tumbled finish has a textured surface that can provide friction for safer footing. Tumbled travertine pool copings will create a smooth and cohesive look that contrasts beautifully with the surroundings.


Travertine pavers go well with travertine pool copings and are perfect if you want to achieve a rustic but elegant design. It helps your pool seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, especially when you install large pavers as steps. A spa spillover can be installed through a travertine pool coping if you are aiming for a lagoon-like look for your pool. This can be useful when you want warm water to cascade to the pool from an adjacent hot tub. Travertine pool coping providers can also custom fabricate coping directly from the paver material for a perfect match.

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