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Program Management Tools

ToolsJournal provides technology information on Software Tools, Services and technologies across Business, Technology, Management, Mobile, and other categories. Their main objective is to provide latest news on software products and services. ToolsJournal provides latest news reviews and feedback about various program management software, testing tools, agile software, etc available in the software market.

Company Overview: ToolsJournal is an online journal with a vision to spread knowledge on software testing tools and services across business and technology alike. The website is dedicated to profiling project management software and services, reviewing new and existing solutions alike, along with bringing you breaking news around software tools and services.

Founded in 2011 the portal is passion of Sudheer, founder of ToolsJournal and his team. Hop over to our ever...  Read More
"agile tools, kanban tools, cross platform mobile development, program management tools, testing tools"
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