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We love organic gardening, and to recycle and reuse. Our acreage is named Sunflower Acres for good reason, after all the Sunflowers were here before we were. I have been making natural skin care products since 2007 from the herbs we grow. My mission is to make everything we use from natural ingredients, including lye soap and detergent.
We also give new life to handbags and designer shoes that are in need of a new home. I will be listing a variety of products to see what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How to make handbags and shoes look like new again. Tips for sellers and buyers.

Pre-owned handbags and shoes sell much faster if a little care is taken to clean them. The customer will be pleased with their purchase, and turn into a repeat buyer. On the other hand, if you are a buyer that received a soiled pre-owned handbag I have the solution.

For fabric handbags and fabric shoes I have had great success with an inexpensive carpet cleaner from the Dollar store. It is in a Red spray bottle, and is simply called Carpet Cleaner. No fancy name needed, it really works! Just spray it on a clean cloth first, and then rub out the stain. Be sure to do a test spot first. For stained lining, pull the lining all the way up and out of the bag┬áthen work on the stain until it comes out. Hang the bag by the strap to dry overnight with lining still pulled up. It made a Burberry handbag look brand new. The...  Read More

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"Our goal is to lead, and promote a nontoxic lifestyle."
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