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Travertine Pattern Adds Timeless Historic Beauty to Your Home.

You can never go wrong with travertine tiles if you are looking for stone flooring that can add a historic look and feel to your property. Travertine tiles come in many different patterns and finishes that can help you achieve the antiqued or rustic look that you want. The tiles are easy to install, and they come with a promise of beauty and durability for generations, making them a good investment that can increase the value of your property in the long run, too.

Travertine has been used for centuries in many ancient properties and iconic man-made structures and buildings. The natural grandeur of the stone makes it appealing to any application that requires a durable and long-lasting material. Travertine was the material of choice in building some of the most remarkable structures during the time of the Roman Empire, like the Colosseum and the aqueducts. These days, you can still use travertine for your home's flooring. Reputable natural stone tile suppliers directly import travertine tiles from quarries in Turkey, Europe, and Asia.

A brushed and chiseled finish provides a rustic look that resembles floors from castle courtyards and palaces. However, it is versatile enough to be incorporated into a contemporary design. The dramatic touch enhances an otherwise conventional floor with the tile's textured surface. Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles are honed after being fabricated, but the slight indentations that naturally occur in the stone are not filled. This way, the tone's natural characteristics are maintained, while ensuring a uniform finish. The tiles are mechanically brushed to achieve a slightly textured surface, and the edges are chiseled for a dramatic transition from one tile to another.

Tumbled travertine tiles offer a more traditional and all-natural look to most indoor applications. The surfaces of these tiles are velvety, but they have small natural features that add character to the stone. The indentations are formed from CO2 bubbles that were trapped in the stone while it is being formed. Travertine is placed in a tumbling machine with other materials for removing sharp edges and loose pieces, resulting in a slightly matte surface that provides just enough grip to prevent slips and falls.

Polished travertine tiles are recommended if you prefer a more elegant look for your rooms. They have a very smooth surface that has been buffed to high gloss. Hence, the tiles can make your property as grand and as lavish as palaces and huge mega mansions. Honed and filled travertine tiles can be a less shiny alternative to polished tiles, in case you want a smooth and flat surface that is not too glossy.

About the Company:

Stone-Mart is a direct importer of Premium Quality Travertine and Marble with locations throughout Florida, including Tampa, ST. Petersburg, and Fort Myers with Naples and Sarasota opening soon. Stone-Mart has the largest on hand inventory of premium quality Travertine Tile, Travertine Pavers and marble Tiles, Pool Copings, and Mosaics in the United States with factory direct pricing. Their highly trained Natural Stone Specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the ideal marble or Travertine for your project, and have strong logistic partners to ensure the most cost effective options for delivery to your Business, Jobsite or Home.

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