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Choose Marble to Add More Elegance to Your Driveway

The driveway is one of the first things people will notice when they see your home. A good-looking driveway will always make a great impression on neighbors and visitors. If you are looking for an elegant design, you can never go wrong with choosing marble as the main material for the pavers. A marble driveway is undeniably elegant and luxurious. It adds value to your property, too. The durability of marble will ensure a lasting investment. Structures like the Taj Mahal in India, ancient Roman baths, and the Washington Monument are excellent examples that prove marble's durability, strength, and longevity. With a marble driveway, you do not have to worry about replacing the pavers within just a few years. In fact, you can count on it to last for generations.
Marble is an extremely dense crystalline metamorphic type of limestone that can be polished to high shine. It is formed by being subject to extreme levels of heat and pressure. When used as pavers for the driveway, marble provides an extremely strong surface that can withstand exposure to the harshest environmental conditions. Likewise, it will be able to handle the weight of any vehicle—which means you do not have to be concerned with an overweight pickup truck or a large van causing your marble driveway to crack or give way.
A marble driveway will easily complement a luxurious home exterior. Think mega mansions and palatial homes. Being a natural metamorphic rock, no marble paver looks exactly like another. Each paver features different patterns and veining, even when it comes from the same batch of color. With these characteristics, you can easily mix and match pavers to create a bold and different look that can make your driveway and your home stand out. Having a  will add a sense of opulence and grandeur to the overall exterior of your home, too.
When choosing marble pavers, make sure that they come with a tumbled finish to make your driveway less prone to accidents caused by slipping, especially when it is wet. Tumbled marble pavers have a non-slip surface to make your driveway safer. Likewise, the tumbled surface prevents tires from skidding. If you fix your car on your driveway in the summer, you can be a bit more comfortable with marble pavers that are able to remain cooler due to the way the rock conducts heat. Marble is too dense and hard, making it difficult for heat to move through it. In fact, the rock makes the heat dissipate fast, causing the rock to feel cooler to touch.
About the Company:
Stone-Mart is a direct importer of Premium Quality Travertine and Marble with locations throughout Florida, including Tampa, ST. Petersburg, and Fort Myers with Naples and Sarasota opening soon. Stone-Mart has the largest on hand inventory of premium quality Travertine Tile, Travertine Pavers, Marble Patios and Marble Tiles, Pool Copings, and Mosaics in the United States with factory direct pricing. Their highly trained Natural Stone Specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the ideal marble or Travertine for your project, and have strong logistic partners to ensure the most cost effective options for delivery to your Business, Jobsite or Home.

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