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Benefits of Using Travertine Pool Coping

Travertine is a natural stone that is versatile for exterior and interior applications, most notably for swimming pools. Travertine pool copings are among the most durable and cost-effective options that can add value to your property. Since you are using a durable natural stone product, you can expect your travertine pool to last for generations and increase your home's value. You will also enjoy an elegant and luxurious-looking pool as the material offers a lot of cosmetic benefits.
Comfort and Elegance for Your Pool
Travertine pool copings are specifically designed for the edges of an in-ground pool, so they come with a bullnose or rounded edge on a single side. The rounded sides face the pool to provide a comfortable look and feel that is better than the rough edges of concrete copings. Some suppliers of natural stone pavers and tiles can provide custom travertine copings to fit oddly shaped pools, especially if yours has a lot of curves. When you buy copings from the right supplier, you can be sure that they will be easy to install and completed, so you can quickly accomplish your home improvement project.
Smoother and Safer Surface
People may hold on to the sides of your pool or sit and walk on them. Hence, it makes sense to want to make sure that you use copings that will prevent slipping. Travertine pool copings may appear smooth, but there are actually fine details and textures to provide extra grip for bare feet, skin, and shoes. That way, your friends and family can be safer when slips and falls are minimized. Likewise, the aesthetics of travertine pool copings enhance the overall appearance and comfort of the swimming pool.
Different Colors, Finishes, and Styles
Travertine pool copings come in many different designs and colors so you should find something that perfectly suits your style principle. The tumbled edge finish is preferred for pool copings for added durability and a matte finish. Just remember to seal them after installing to maximize their performance. For a more finished or consistent look, consider using the copings for the steps or stairs of the pool, too.
Cover or Correct Imperfections
Some natural stone suppliers offer special types of travertine pool copings, like thick pool copings, which are specially made for retro fit jobs and remodels. The two-inch thick coping easily compensates for pool lip damage and uneven surfaces. It is an ideal fix for an install flush with another product, which resulted in a high transition at the pool line. That way, you can reduce trip hazards.
Remodeling pool copings are perfect if you are remodeling an existing swimming pool and you do not want to demolish it. These pre-formed enhancements can be placed directly over existing copings for an easy and quick fix. The four-inch turn can cover all kinds of blemish, unevenness, and damage.
About the Company:
Stone-Mart is a direct importer of Premium Quality Travertine and Marble with locations throughout Florida, including Tampa, ST. Petersburg, and Fort Myers with Naples and Sarasota opening soon. Stone-Mart has the largest on hand inventory of premium quality Travertine Tile, Travertine Pavers, Marble Patios and Marble Tiles, Pool Copings, and Mosaics in the United States with factory direct pricing. Their highly trained Natural Stone Specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the ideal marble or Travertine for your project, and have strong logistic partners to ensure the most cost effective options for delivery to your Business, Jobsite or Home.

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