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Stone-Mart was established in 2003 with the goal of providing United States with quality travertine tile and marble tile at competitive costs. They import travertine tiles and pavers as well as several different stone tile products from Turkey and inventory different stone tile products from Asia and Europe as well. Stone-Mart imports materials from overseas directly on to their warehouses in Tampa, FL eliminating all broker and reseller fees before delivering the materials on to you.

Company Profile:
Stone-Mart is one in all the highest three importers of travertine within the entire U.S. They import additional then 6 million sq. ft. (annually) of first quality travertine for both interior and exterior applications. They exceed most different travertine suppliers in gross sales, materials distributed and scope of operations that include: 200,000 sft of combined property for storage and...  Read More

Usage of French Pattern Travertine can Enhance the Appearance of Your House

Planning to build a home or upgrade your property? Travertine tiles for indoor flooring or travertine pavers for outdoor applications are the best options if you want an appealing house. Travertine comes in many different colors and designs, but the French pattern travertine remains to be popular to homeowners who want to enhance the appearance of their house and add a hint of sophistication to their property.
The French pattern, also known as the Versailles or the Ashlar pattern, is a multi-sized pattern that comes with various advantages. These tiles and pavers looks really attractive, and they are able to visually break up large spaces—such as expansive living rooms and patios—to make them look cozier. French pattern travertine also looks great in smaller areas like bathrooms and hallways. You can use them to...  Read More

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Travertine Pool Coping can add Comfort and Elegance to Your Pool

Travertine has always been a popular material when it comes to both indoor and outdoor pool coping, and it’s not surprising why. Travertine pool coping is known to for its beauty and durability.  Various iconic structures that still stand up to this day have been built with travertine. This just goes to show that this material is not only long lasting—it is also adaptable and timeless.
You may have to spend more for travertine pool coping than for concrete, but the extra money is certainly well worth it because travertine is a sturdier choice. Other materials easily break over time, and they may require more maintenance. Meanwhile, travertine copings are durable, easy to maintain, and can potentially increase the value of your home as well.
Aside from being sturdy and easy to maintain, ...  Read More

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Make Your Pool Deck Area More Beautiful and Stylish with Travertine Pavers

If you are planning to have a pool and pool deck built, one of the most important things that you have to consider is the material used on the surface. There are various materials to choose from. However, if you would like you pool deck area to be beautiful and stylish, travertine pavers might be the best option.
Travertine is a subtle natural stone, and it is formed by elements that have unique eye-catching appearances. Travertine is loved by many because it comes in many various colors. This material can be used in traditional designs, but it also works great with contemporary aesthetics. Travertine is also known for its ability to retain its color.
When it comes to looking for materials to be used in the construction of any part in your house, an important factor that you should always consider is...  Read More

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