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Yes. I Are A Grandma.

Ok, YES!

I am a proud grandma. There. It's out there and I can put away my false humility! :)

I know. I know. All grandmas feel the same way, so I suppose I'm in good company, right?!

So, my story goes like this:

One year I wasn't a grandma.
The next year, I WAS a grandma of two beautiful girls (when my son was married).
Then the NEXT year, I was a grandma of TWINS, too!
THIS year...well, maybe we can all take a breather this year!!

As you can see in the video on my Profile page, we have one boy and one girl (I'm so lucky--one of each!). Which brings me to the reason I'm selling here.

THERE ARE CLOTHES EVERYWHERE!!! Comin' and goin'. In and out. On and off. Clean and dirty.

One time my son and his son put on matching Kansas City Chiefs jerseys for game day. It was soooo cute that I started buying all the sports-themed clothes I could find. Then I branched out to all those funny t-shirts, like one that read "Lock up your Daughters"! What a hoot!

So, since grandma went crazy, you must know what that lead to:

THERE ARE CLOTHES EVERYWHERE!! Comin' and goin'. In and out. On and off. Clean and dirty.

And now I'm offering them (and some others I've found) for sale so that Grandpa won't be quite so grumpy!

Have fun looking!

P.S. That's my grandson's picture I use as my Profile pic! Ain't he adorable?!

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