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Small business struggles

Seems almost every sm biz is struggling. Especially if your producing your own products. I always wonder why factory made is preferred over handmade. More often than not "handmade, hand crafted, custom made products are created with more care & diligence than any factory could accomplish. In my younger yrs I worked in US factories in the garment industry & auto industry. I know mass production has lower quality and lower life expectancy. When producing my products, for instance, I pick the materials carefully & one project at a time. If somethings wrong I undo it & make it right.
All the small business owners that I know who create their own product want to be known for the quality over the quanity. Most would rather have 30 repeat satisfied customers than 150 slightly satisfied customers.
Its a great deal of work and consumes most of the owners time but we have the satisfaction on knowing we have done a great job on each item produced.
Most crafters are in the game for how it makes them feel and making some money is important but it's secondary. We like it so much when someone appreciates our work enough to buy it. Its' the greatest praise we can get.
I personally have to narrow my interests down to a specialty. I can do just about anything with fabric or yarns & so see nothing as impossible. As the saying goes... "Variety is the spice of Life" (i don't know the author).
I admire the people who create their own product because it takes dedication & perserverence.
I encourage each one to continue on as the climate is changing towards more self reliance and supporting small biz.
Thank you for reading :- )

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