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Explore the Outstanding Characteristics of Silicone Rubber Sheets: Rubber-Cal

Indispensable in virtually all areas of manufacturing, silicone rubber enjoys a wide range of use in a host of applications that few other elastomers can match. One of the easiest elastomers to formulate with variations to suit specific industrial needs, silicone rubber sheets are versatile and specialized, offering innovative solutions.

Temperature Resistant and Insulation Qualities

The ability of silicone rubber to withstand extreme temperatures and offer insulation in these settings makes it a highly preferred material for use in temperature intensive industrial applications. Depending on the individual compound, silicone rubber sheets can withstand temperatures ranging from -100° F to 450° F.

Shape Retention Under Stress

In many applications, ensuring that the shape of a component remains the same under stress or extreme temperatures is of critical importance. Silicone rubber tends to retain its shape, especially if it is of a higher durometer rating.

Inert Quality makes it a Preferred Choice for Specialist Applications

Silicone rubber has an inherent quality of being chemically inert and this feature makes it the ideal choice for specialist applications related to the food processing and medical fields. This non-reactive characteristic makes it a reliable material for use in components where a need exists for keeping the substrate unaffected by the kinds of potential chemical leeching that can be the case with some other types of industrial rubber such as nitrile.

Various Grades of Silicone Rubber Offer Multiple Uses

The ease with which it can be formulated to be made available in different grades, including commercial and premium grades, makes it a highly versatile material. Silicone rubber can be made in a variety of different durometer ratings ranging from 40A to 70A, multiple thickness options, and in lengths ranging anywhere from 5ft to 50ft per roll. In addition, silicone rubber is often found available in a host of different color options.  If an application calls for a specific color on its rubber components, then silicone is the material that will offer the most variety.

Silicone rubber sheets that are available in different grades offer solutions for many segments. For instance, the commercial grade silicone rubber sheets are used for gaskets, thermal management, vibration pads etc. With extensive use in the industrial sectors, silicone rubber sheets have in fact become the preferred choice for most specialized uses.

With wide ranging uses straddling a very large area of manufacturing and components, silicone rubber has joined the group of well known and high sought after materials. It facilitates consistent quality in production. A unique feature about silicone rubber in general is that it is constantly being developed and innovated for new applications.

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Founded in 1994, Rubber-Cal Inc. is a trusted supplier of rubber flooring and mats, rubber floor tiles, rubber flooring rolls, fabricated gaskets, and other specialty rubber parts. They bring to the market a variety of flooring products made of different types of rubber. Their extensive range of flooring products is ideal for use in places likes gyms, basements, offices, warehouses, trailers, playgrounds, and many more everyday areas. Rubber-Cal has evolved ever since its establishment and continues to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their consumers and the market as a whole. They strive to provide the best customer satisfaction and offer order shipment within 24 hours.

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