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What do women want? Part II

Continued from Part I

You want to see sales soar and all will be blissful.  What is wrong
when sales do not magically adorn the Profit & Loss?  Does the enchanted
forest begin to appear frightening?  It should not be scary at all, but caution should be sensible enough to plan ahead with a well-exercised mind.  Try to keep the horse in front of the cart. 

Is it enough to create product flyers, brochures and fancy labels, a
most fascinating website?  Or maybe one is thinking, we will tweet, use fb and other social media to bring customers to buy your product!  It might not work as simple as following a yellow brick road to a kingdom of rapid, consistent, and high value sales.   

Take a step back for just a bit.  Breathe a little. 

Think about when you were in a classroom.  There were lesson plans and tests and
reinforcement of principles.  It’s pretty much the same in the education of building a business.

 If you are going to be the architect of your dreams, you need to
just take a step back for a few minutes and actually contemplate what the
 foundation is all about. 

Function follows form
Form follows function
Some beginning tips to help establish the solidity of your new premises:

Be prepared:  Know your product (s)
Educating yourself about your products will go a long way to helping your customer learn more about the particular items which you are offering.   Your knowledge will come in handy when questions
arise and you can inform them of the particulars. 

·         Multi-channel sales outlets and blogs
Beneficial to a broad range of industries so you can expand your reach. 

For instance, if you offer handmade table linens, you have many choices to portray your designs.  

Online venues are numerous:   Etsy, addoway, bonanza, artfire.  As well, you have options of a retail store, craft fairs, art journals, co-ops, magazines, newsletters, blogs and of course the visual pinboard pinterest. 
Some prospective customers gravitate towards Etsy for gift buying, others may have a propensity toward a pinterest visualization.

Group forums:  Join topics pertaining to your products.   Be informative, participate in group discussions on subject/topics
adding value to the talks.  In many cases, these forums do not allow talk of selling outright.  Be sensitive to this. 

If you are passionate about what you sell,  conversations will be easy, leading to established credibility, very important.  You will also meet many entrepreneurs who can offer their help and advice.  At some point, you may find some true friendship who will become your collaborators down the road, one of the perks of sharing thoughts and opinions on mutual subject matter. 

Start your own blogs.  Very important to be consistent, i.e., write a blog once a week.  Once you gain followers, people will engage in discussions.  Gone are the days of cold calls and cold emails.  On the other hand, flexibility works well with blogging, because you may have discussed a certain topic of concern in a forum and your imagination might be sparked. 
 (Pet Peeve – My own personal pet peeve.  I don’t do twitter blasts,  tweets rapid fire fb posts.  Just a personal thing, as I tend to ignore the frequent mass posts.) You will have to discern your own style of social media.  I do like pinterest at the moment because I can select varieties of pins that coalesce superbly. 

Also very important.  Try not to request followers to help you gain credibility.  This is very common unfortunately, but most seasoned online forum goers will recognize a trumped up testimonial, empty fluffed followers, comments or otherwise phony remarks.   If you want ‘followers’, wouldn’t you want genuine followers who are interested in your product offerings, rather than someone who is going to glaze over when
the news feed is being presented? Think of how we can benefit others, the particular industry with which you are engaging.  An exception to this is
when you have gained history and trust and you receive and generate
support for others.  There is a great network for this. 

A topic for an at length discussion.  The website can be one of the strongest bricks in your foundation plan and therefore should not be constructed lightly.  But, if you have a good grip on other principles,
you can get by until growth exceeds it, a website template hosted by numerous free and readily available
online companies.  

·         And once you begin to think of the business in the philosophy of architecture, you will see some of the following present itself in and around your business presence. 
Unity, Harmony, Contrast, Repetition (rhythm, pattern), Variety, Emphasis, Balance, Proportion, Functionality and Organization
What do women want?  Well, only you can decide, but once you figure it out, the building blocks will begin to fall in place for a solid structure and foundation and then you are on your way.  Welcome and congratulations for sustaining your goals. 

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Lorna | June 9th 2013 at 1370797612

Start your own blogs is a good start.
maggieqgifts | October 29th 2013 at 1383083145

Most helpful. Thanks for the focused, direct info & advice.
EdwardPeter991 | October 26th 2017 at 1509083322

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AinsleyAlexavier12 | October 27th 2017 at 1509097475

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AnastasiaAmanda01 | October 27th 2017 at 1509101565

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