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I grew up always wanting to be outside.
Sometimes I like animals better than some people. Animals are always happy to see you and they don't care if you brushed your hair. :)
I have had other businesses like raising exotic birds, selling plants, and quilting. I really enjoy creating things from little bits and pieces.
When I get together with others, it's great to exchange ideas and start new projects. There is always the feeling of accomplishment when finishing something you've spent sometimes years on. Once I made a cross stitch of the entire last super, WOW, how big that was on 14 count aida!!
I am disabled now so I work on things for a little while and then have to stop for a while. But I still have fun doing them.
All the projects with animal parts are animal friendly. I do not harm them in any way. The parts are either shedding's like quills and feathers or a bone from an animal that has passed naturally. All parts are cleaned and sanitary and are used for their beauty.
"When using animal parts I never kill or harm them in any way. The parts are shedding's, or the animal past over naturally. Porcupine quills, bone, feathers are washed & sanitary."
Name:Rocky's Unique Creations
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Since:May 1990