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Window Cleaning

This weekend we spent most of the time cleaning our vehicles.  Don't get the wrong idea. We are not anal about keeping our autos clean, but we haven't washed them since Fall.  It just seems that our "spare" time gets eaten up very quickly with home schooling three kids and all that goes into their very busy teenage lives!

So, we had some beautiful weather and decided to take advantage of it.  Besides, the kids had a youth activity through our church and were asking for some extra money to go skating, buy snacks, etc. etc.  We decided to have them help us to earn some extra bucks for their activity.

I'm pretty particular when I do happen to clean a car, so there were a lot of "re-do" steps going on because the cars were so dirty and the kids think running some water over it will clean it.  Much like our sons take showers....but that's a different blog entry. :-)

The windows are always the last to be done. And I do the inside AND the outside and mirrors.

Last year we decided to make our own window cleaner. We googled and found a very simple recipe that uses 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water.  We just use an empty Windex bottle.  We have really saved some money by using this formula and we've found that the vinegar cuts grease and grime very well.

One challenge that we came across was the fact that if you don't do it just right it causes smearing. And many times you can't see the smears until your driving at night or some moisture gets on the inside of the windows.

So here are a couple of hints that we've found help:

  1. If you can, clean the windows (in your car, home, where ever) when they are cool. Warm windows that have been heated from the Sun do not do very well with any cleaning formula.
  2. We use a 2 step process. a) spray the windows and use paper towels or newspaper (newspaper doesn't leave lint) to clean the windows, b) once the wondows are clean, use a different DRY paper towel newspaper to wipe the window thourghouly.  It may seem that the window is clean and dry, but we've found that this actually removes any smearing that you can't see with the naked eye.
We've also begun making our own laudry detergent.  I'll post another blog on how that is going soon.

Do you have any tips or pointers for cleaning windows? What about any other household chores? Please respond to this blog...

Thanks.  And don't forget to visit our store here on Addoway!

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ChakraCord | April 7th 2012 at 1333801268

I clean for a living. It is very true when you have heated windows and you use spray cleaners, it "burn dries" the product. This is very true with bathroom mirrors. People that turn on their bathroom lights and come back in 5 minutes or more to clean their mirrors will find this same problems. The mirror has been heated up by all the light bulbs. If you need the light, clean the mirror first.

I mixed my own product
2 teaspoons of PRELL shampoo
16 ounces of Rubbing alcohol
Mix in a gallon jug (Milk carton, vinegar bottle)
Add DISTILLED water to fill up the container.

I prefer using a gallon vinegar bottle because the plastic is heavier and I write the formula on the outside of the bottle.
Rockyriverdepot | April 9th 2012 at 1334002032

Thanks Chakra for your comments and great suggestions!

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