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Is it me or does it seem that tornados are popping up in places they haven't before?

When we moved to North Carolina 20 years ago I remember one tornado touching down in southwest Charlotte close to South Carolina but for many years after not a one.

It seems that each year now we have multiple instances of tornados. 

And the destruction! It's devastating.  It's heart wrenching to hear about and see how whole neighborhoods are flattened.

Just last week we had one touch down about 15 minutes from our home. One friend who lives in that area recounted the ever so familiar "calm before the storm" - an eery stillness and then the sound of a freight train.  Fortunately, the powerful funnel passed by their home but there were many that were not so fortunate. 

Then my mind goes to the areas of our country where multiple tornados show up in one area. Whole towns are destroyed. People killed. Prized possessions scattered all over. 

It's amazing. Something that only takes a few minutes causes damage that takes years to rebuild.

I never thought of this before, but a friend of mine told me the other day that she is fascinated by tornados.  How they start. How they move. And then how quickly they disappear.  She pointed out the fact that a tornado is another example of God's power in nature. 

Makes you think.  God is powerful.  He created nature.  He created everything.

I'm not saying that God sends tornados to cause destruction.  We do not fully know the mind of God, nor will we ever.  But I am saying that it's a sobering thought to realize that He is the author and finisher of this world.

I have a new respect for things like tornados....and their power.

I'm praying for those whose lives have been devastated.

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Reader Comments  (3) | March 16th 2012 at 1331901480

Eastern New Mexico is in the heart of Tornado Alley. I lived there for a few years and actually watch one form. It's fascinating and scary at the same time. Fortunately for me, that one came down in an open field and just as suddenly it was gone.
RedHeadedGypsy | September 16th 2012 at 1347859742

Re: Toenados popping up in places they havn't before.....not to mention Hurricanes. One really shouldn't blame God for what man has learned to do. He who controls the weather controls the planet. Google HAARP to learn what is actually going on with weather.
JKL_Book_Supply | September 17th 2012 at 1347907203

Thanks Red. I'll google HAARP. For clarity, I'm not blaming God. Who am I to do that?

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