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Looking Forward to SPRING in North Carolina!

One of the many things we enjoy about North Carolina is the beauty of Spring!

Spring always brings new beginnings.  Fresh blossoms on the trees, Daffodils popping through the ground, Irises shooting up with promises of Summer blooms. 

There's much to do when Spring arrives.  I'm a HUGE fan of working in the yard.  I love to mow the lawn (maybe I'm in the minority with that one), work in the flower gardens and I usually have big visions of Sping and Summer projects on the horizon.

This year one of our major projects around the house will be to create a stacked stone flower bed around our L-shaped front porch.  There is an existing bed but currently the rain water washes all of our hard work away during storm times.  We've done our homework and have spoken to an expert at our local garden shop.  We'll need to order two, I guess you call them flats, of stone, some gravel for the base, top soil, and mulch.  Thanks to our Tax Return!!!!  It's going to be a couple-of-day effort but I'm up for it!

We've also got to do some minor wood replacement and painting around the outside of our home. I'm not a carpenter but I'm gonna give it a try this year.  Wish me luck!

I'm also a fan of potted plants.  I enjoy creating pots with multiple types of plants and flowers to be placed on our porch. We enjoy spending time as a family on the porch talknig about our day and it's nice to have live greenery surrounding us.  The way our house is situated when the rains come they generally blow onto the porch providing God-given water and nutrients.

So, what do you have on tap for this Spring?  Any projects you'd like to share with Rocky River Depot and our Blog Readers?

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Reader Comments  (3) | February 28th 2012 at 1330434435

Tax return???????????? Lord, I'd just be happy breaking even. Enjoy yours though. Your yard will appreciate it. You must take pictures after you're finished aqnd post them in a future blog of your handiwork.
Chococu | February 28th 2012 at 1330441880

We're hoping to use tax money to do some much needed repair and beautification around our home as well. The stacked stone flower bed you are designing sounds nice and something similar to what I am hoping to do at the front of our porch.
Like Catsmom, I'd love to see pictures once you get everything under way.
Rockyriverdepot | February 28th 2012 at 1330442713

I'll be glad to share some pictures! Although it's only the end of February, with the sun shining today I've already got SPRING FEVER!!

Thanks for your comments...


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