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Hello, my name is Kelly May, I have lived in beautiful Oklahoma my entire life I have a son in college learning to be a Massage Therapist. I also have an amazing significant other, Josh, and “THE Best Cat on the Planet”, Leo. My background is in office administration. I have worked in marketing, staffing and as a travel agent in the past.
I love spending time with my family, and if you’re anything like me, you love watching movies together and binge watching great TV shows, enjoying terrific new recipes found online, spending time in nature, reading great books and your pets.
The reason I’m making this About Me page for you is because living in Oklahoma (aka the Oil Capital) the job market is very unstable and not very diversified. As you probably know, the Oil and Gas Industry can either be very strong, or it takes a huge dive. When this happens it can affect an entire community and all...  Read More
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