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Laguna Pearl has a vast selection of high quality and affordable pearl Jewelry in all pearl categories including Tahitian pearls, white south sea pearls, golden pearls, akoya pearls, and freshwater pearls. If you are looking for a great gift without the high prices of pearl strands, a pearl jewelry from Laguna Pearl would be the perfect solution.

Company Overview:

Laguna Pearl was created as a result of the public demand for high quality pearl jewelry at competitive pricing. With our roots as a wholesale pearls jewelry operation, our organization has strived to cut out the middle man and sell directly to the retail jewelry consumer. As oppose to selling pearl jewelry products to retail jewelers who mark the prices up 2 to 3 times their cost, we have built our online business by passing on the savings directly to the consumer. Our ability to customize any product on our website as well as...  Read More

"Pearls, Pearl Jewelry, Pearl Necklaces, Black Pearl Earrings - Laguna Pearl"
Name:Laguna Pearl
Location:Melbourne, VICTORIA
Category:Jewelry & Watches