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what are you really thankful for?

As we begin to celebrate Thank Giving this Thursday, We need to really contemplate what it really means, We know it's a time to be with family and enjoy the blessings of a good meal, But It is also a time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for, I know lots of folks find it hard to be thankful as unemployment rises and many have become homeless. But there is always something to be grateful for.

The other day we were in a Goodwill store and happened on a couple, The husband was helping his wife try one of those plastic chairs a person uses for bathing in a shower and as she sruggled to get from the chair to her wheelchair, My first thought was, Oh God how much I have to be thankful for, The little things, I can walk, Move with only minor pain, This poor lady,It was all she could do to move with assistance from her husband from point A to point B, She evidently had been in an accident or was in the last stages of a deabitating desease  as she had almost no control over her body, What was aamzing to me was she was dressed very nicely and probably in her 30's, Had all her jewelry on, But lacked even facial expressions, I am so thankful to be able to smile.

Thankfulness is an act of our will, Anyone can complain about their circulstances, But it take a mature individual who is able to to be grateful in the midst of tragidy or loss and be able to see the good in everything, A job loss needs to be seen as an oportunity for something new, One thing I've learned even from the wealthy  in this world is that we need to give back a portion of what we have been blessed with. Most successful prople know that giving to charity is a hedge against inflation and as a Christian we are taught that if we return a portion of what God has blessed us with, God will make a way where there seems to be no way, It also says he will rebuke the devourer for our sake, To me that means God will protect His people that might otherwise befall us, For that I am grateful.

Just remember to be thankful this season in all things,Good or Bad, For God promises if we will be that way, He will make a way for us. Some of these promises are for belivers only, But many of God's promises are universal, Give a smale and your likely to get one in return, Generousty breeds generousity,Be nasty and I know you will reap what you sew. Help someone in need and it will inturn help you in the form of a happy heart.... Happy Thank Giving to all of you...... Just remember the reason for the season and May God richly bless all of you.

Take the High road and you will always be on higher ground.

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Royal Presence
Royal Presence | November 23rd 2011 at 1322064856

Amen! Happy Thanksgiving to you too :-)
Ayuni Gifts of the World
Ayuni Gifts of the World | November 23rd 2011 at 1322069767

Happy Thanksgiving - and keep on giving thanks all year long!
LatinaTurk | November 23rd 2011 at 1322081478

Happy Holidays!!!
BeewitchingItems | November 23rd 2011 at 1322084832

This is so good, thank you for writing it! I have so much to be thankful for and I tell God about it every day. Happy Thanksgiving to you

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