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Truly Inspiring - From Darkness to Great Hope Stories - Unbound Children Ministries

Through the magic of Twitter and its algorithms, we have met Sujatha and her "Unbound" Children from India - orphans and/or displaced children for whom Sujatha's organization is life-saving and life-changing. She has kindly sent us pictures and written the following for us to share with you:

A Brief information about our Unbound Children Ministries. If you need, you can use this following information and post in pin board
What we do for children:
I Sujatha Kolli, represents Unbound Children Ministries, as Founder and President, take the pleasure in presenting a brief report of the orphanage, located in Kesavadasupalem, East Godavary District, Andhra Pradesh, South India. This orphanage is started in 2006 by myself. This organization has been registered in the A.P. Government and we received the registered Number 197/2009. Ever since this ministry is running on hope and faith in the Lord and it has been successfully catering to the needs of the orphan children and in addition the widows. We Praise God for His marvellous and miraculous way. It is an amazing experience to serve the deprived children and destitute widows.
I have started this orphanage with 10 children, 7 girls and 3 boys. These children are orphans. Since I opened the members increased to 30 children. That is 20 girls and 10 boys. These orphan children both boys and girls are being educated up to their marriage age. When grow up to their marriage able age, they go about marrying and settle by establishing their own houses. Some will be employed, because they complete their degree studies, some qualified for jobs there will be some girls who fail in 10th class leave the place for vocational training like tailoring, assistant nurses and things like that, so help these unsuccessful children I have opened vocational centres, where they get training for self employment. 

The children are taught how to care for themselves when they leave the orphanage. They complete their high school studies and some go to college and other who are unable to cop up with college studies prefer to take up vocations like tailoring, carpentry, nursing assistants etc. Then only they choose their living means and marry and leave the orphanage. Until they are settled in life we help and guide them. They happily go out and settle. 
The orphan children some complete high school and go vocational, some after completing intermediate go for nursing, general nursing, B.Sc. Nursing and tailoring or any other training available. Some of these orphans who are employed, they extend little financial help to orphanage, where studied.
I always have 30 children and at this moment I have 20 girls and 10 boys, this number of orphans will not decrease, rather chances are there that the increases if there is consistent and continuous financial support. There is no dearth for orphan children. I try to accommodate and give them admission only when I have support from sponsoring sources. Orphan children are always available, but in my case there will be always 30 children, both boys and girls. If support is coming from any source I will take 100 orphan children, because I have enough shelter for all of them, with better facilities. 

I have two lady helpers to help me, they clean the hostel, and sweep the surroundings, and wash the children’s clothes. Besides these two ayas, I have two more educated ladies, one to help giving tuitions and helping the children doing their home-work. One will conduct morning and evening prayers in the orphanage. During their holidays children are given options to develop their talents. Some engage in drawing, some in painting, and some in playing. In all their activities, there will be supervisor to guide.  
Thank you for calling for this information. Please continue to pray for us and for our work in India. I am grateful to you always.
Your Loving Sister, 


With some funding assistance from us and others, Sujatha was able to purchase supplies and a new toy for each child. As you can see, she and her staff are very dedicaed and the children are very motivaed to succeed. If you can help, please do. Perhaps she can be a model to others wishing to help children and their families in similar dire circumstances worldwide. That is our hope.

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