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The Father's Day Index: By the numbers

By Emily Shire | The Week

You can't put a price on a good dad — or can you?

Can you put a value on a good dad? The consumer insurance thinks it can, creating a Father's Day Index to translate all those "dad" tasks, from grilling to car maintenance, into dollars and cents. And it turns out that dad's value has appreciated quite a bit over the past year, climbing about 15 percent. Way to go, pops!

Here, Father's Day by the cold, hard numbers:

The 2013 monetary value of all of dad's household tasks.

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Last year's dad value. According to Barbara Marquand at, the 2013 rise is mostly due to increased hourly wages for "drivers teachers, coaches, and plumbers."

Percent of moms who place dads' contributions at under $10,000. Ouch.

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The annual value of dad's driving. The hourly wage was not increased for dropping kids off a block away from the mall and agreeing not to get out of the car.

The annual value of dad's landscaping skills, i.e. mowing the lawn and not hurting himself with gardening shears.

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Annual value of dad's coaching of little league and various other sports teams that involve getting small children to take their fingers out of their mouths and focus. ...more

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