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The Beautiful Yellow Cardinals!

We cannot find them online but they are so prolific and delightful here! Swarms of choreographed flocks gently fill the air with glorious color and the most beautiful songs! They love Holly Berries a lot! They look like small bright yellow cardinals with a crest on their head. And walking or driving down the street, you can see hundreds upon hundreds of them gracefully flying in magically undulating waves of sunshine from trees to trees to streams to lakes.

This is the closest image we can find, but our birds are all gorgeous lemony yellow, not grayish beige with a hint of yellow or green.

We think that they are Pyrrhuloxia, as the young Piedmont High student on David Letterman's show last night did the bird call for this treasure and that song follows us on walks and fills our back yard with the sweetest sounds. It is shown at the 1:43 mark and the student does the call after that. The young man is really charming, great at the bird call, and has a fun family hisotry of the bird call, Piedmont High School and Late Night TV.

If anyone can tell us where to find more on the birds, we would be very grateful. Hopefully everyone will get to see and hear nature sing and paint the sky wherever they are.


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