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Set your recorders! Doctor Who Christmas Special is Tomorrow!

Even if you are not a Whovian Fan, there is supposed to be something for everyone in tomorrow's long Anticipated Doctor Who The LAST Christmas Special! It has Santa, the Doctor, the newest (soon to go..//um perhaps) Travel Companion, Clara and many cameos from character favorites!  Here is the BBC Link to peak your interest (if that is needed):

See the Official Trailer here!

Find some insights from the Seattle Times via the LA Times:

The Doctor spars with St. Nick in ‘Doctor Who: Last Christmas’

The wary dance between two holiday icons steals the show in the Doctor Who Christmas special, airing at 9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 25, on BBC America.

By Mary McNamara

Los Angeles Times (TNS)

Two time ’n’ space defying stars of the season face off in this year’s “Doctor Who” holiday special, “Last Christmas,” which airs at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 25, on BBC America.

The courtship of reality and illusion is showcased in this latest battle to save the universe, as are issues of courage, death and the one-night present-delivery system. But it’s the wary dance between two holiday icons that steals the show.

The Doctor (currently played by Peter Capaldi) has fought plenty of fake Santas, but he’s never come up against the man himself. Neither have we, for that matter, or at least not Santa as envisioned by Steven Moffat and played with action-hero hilarity by Nick Frost.

This Santa may have all the trappings of traditional myth — the elves, the reindeer, etc. — but his knowledge extends well beyond naughty and nice, and he’s clearly been keeping an eye on the Doctor.

For very good reason too. Aside from Santa, no other character in literature has as intense and changeable a relationship with Christmas as the Doctor. ...more

Whatever Your Day includes, Have A Verey Merry Christmas tomorrow!!

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