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Prepare Your PreSchoolers for Life Adventures with Backpacks and Removable Buddies by Rod White

Ah yes! So often it is the desire of parents to keep precious children home and in the warmth and protection of their love. However, the very nature of life beckons that children are released so they can go forth and make their own way in the world.

Of course, heading out for those first adventures can be exciting, but they can also be intimidating and scary for children who still hold tight to the innocence and safety of their homey abode. For this reason, it’s a good idea to arm them with not only the means by which to carry the supplies required to conquer the world, but also with something that provides them comfort and joy.

Backpacks are the go-to tool in today’s hustle bustle world. They provide a means to comfortably carry the instruments and items necessary for school, office and personal reflection. This is not only true of elementary, high school, college aged children, and workers, but it’s even more so the case for preschoolers heading off into the exciting world on their first adventures.

Little tots haven’t yet learned the value of items or how to focus on what needs to be kept track of and, therefore, backpacks are a means for them to keep their supplies and items organized and together until they return home. However, normal backpacks still leave preschoolers lacking that friendly comfort they so often require in their big, intimidating world.

A solution to both problems lies in preschooler backpacks with removable buddies/stuffed animals available at Neill’s Deals at Neill’s Deals offers various designs that meet the needs of both boys and girls. The cute and friendly critters are tucked away on the backsides of the backpacks so they can be carried about wherever the journeys of your preschoolers take them. Then, when parents are missed and the child needs a comforting hug, these precious buddies can be removed to supply the demand. 

Backpacks with removable buddies/stuffed animals available at Neill’s Deals at are not only cute and colorful, but they are quite affordable as well. But the cost isn’t the only admirable part of shopping at Neill’s Deals. Most of the sales proceeds are donated to a variety of worthy charities. Therefore, not only are you providing comfort to your little ones by purchasing your preschooler backpacks from Neill’s Deals, but you are also providing a form of that same comfort and love to someone just as much in need. Their journey through life may be more progressed than your child’s, but it can also be just as scary and intimidating.

For a glimpse of a partial list of charities helped by Neill’s Deals, go to Then, visit Neill’s Deals at and arm your children with preschooler backpacks and removable buddies/stuffed animals while also arming another person in need via these fine charities through a majority of your Neill’s Deals purchase price.

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