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Playing it Forward

With all the unrest, violence and uncertainty in today's world, how can one person make a difference? The tragic loss of innocent lives in Barcelona, Nice, Paris, Manchester and so many other places is heart-breaking. While expressing his and the world community's deepest concolences to the victims' families and the injured survivors, the Prime Minister of Spain resolutely said that we are stronger together standing against such acts.

As with the rest of the world, we offer our most profound condolences and prayers to each one who has been touched by this tragedy. The most urgent need in Barecelona right now is for blood. But here are other ways to help: Barcelona

Trying to understand the hatred that causes one to take the lives of and injure so many innocents can cause us to lose faith in humanity. Yet in our morning inbox was a message of hope and a reminder that great good is happening in so many places. These inspiring entrepreneurs are repaying their micro loans, so we could play it forward, using their repayments to loan to other small businesses.

Thank you to:

Recent repayments
Mexico / Agriculture

Thank you for helping Delia to buy a biodigester to power her farm and home using her animals’ manure.

Bolivia / Restaurant
Philippines / Fish Selling
Kenya / Farming
Luz Marina 
Colombia / Tailoring

In reviewing the many worthy loan seekers, our eyes were drawn to Shelters, and then to two ladies in the Philippines:

Marieta needs a loan to help renovate her home. Then she hopes to buy inventory to sell as a vendor in her community to help further support her family.

Marilyn is seeking funds to help repair her home, especially a sink and the toilet to have safe water and more sanitary condtions for her family. She runs a small store and also sells food and snacks in her community. Her husband is a farmer and a fisherman, so they both work hard every day to provide for their four children. Yet they struggle.

Average annual income in USD is only $7,000 in The Philippines, and the government provides little to nothing to help its people. lenders have invested over $93 million to try to help the amazing people there.


Perhaps you have seen our posts to please help Werner (from Sweden) as he helps fight the painful poverty in the Philippines. While visiting the Philippines, he saw and was moved by the extreme needs of the people, especially in Davao City, hit so tragically by the Super Typhoon Haiyan also known as Yolanda in 2014. It was one of the most intense tropical cyclones on record, devastating this area especially of the Philippines. 

As you can see, the entire community was deeply affected, as well as the loss of most families' fishing boats...which was the main way they provided for their families.  Werner began bringing food, clothing, toothbrushes to help, but their needs continue to be overwhelming.

Seeing children all over Davao like this young boy and the children below, is a driving force for him and shows that one person can make a difference in lives:

I visit Cateel Davao oriental with 200 kg rice, lot of sardines in tomato and medicines. 
Werner uses all his money and the few donations that he receives to help bring food, medicine, supplies to as many people as he can. His GoFundMe sites are in need of more kind donors to help, as sadly the government does not.

If you can help someone, whether in Barcelona, London, Paris, Nice, war-torn countries, your own city/state, micro loans as through Kiva or donating to dedicated individuals as Werner, your gift will do great matter the amount. 

Thank you.


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