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Jen Reeder
Connecticut resident Chris Guelke's 6 ½-year-old Lab mix, Watson, has a zest for life. Whether it's diving off a dock to swim in a lake or running full throttle through the woods, he gives it his all-with disregard for his personal safety.

"He's high energy, he's large, and he goes 100 percent all the time," Guelke said. "The first year that we had him, we were at the vet often so we thought, 'We'd better look into pet insurance.'" ...more
Terri Johnson, CVT
Did you know that more people have cats as pets than dogs? And, did you know that cats are much less likely to be taken to the veterinarian than dogs? Preventing diseases in our pets and keeping them as healthy as possible is actually cheaper and healthier in the long run than treating disease. Taking your cat to your veterinarian regularly is important for preventing disease and helping them to stay happy and healthy. ...more
Kate Spencer
Prevent, detect, treat. That's what your pediatrician is trained to do when you bring your son or daughter in for his or her annual back-to-school physical. Many human health care providers recommend annual wellness exams to prevent and detect any diseases before they get out of control. Veterinarians are trained to do the same when you bring your pet in for her annual exam. Regular preventive care visits for all members of your family are key to ensuring that illness and disease do not sneak by. Your human children receive lifelong care; so why not ensure that every member of your family receives the same care? ...more
Jennifer Ryan
Common and contagious, canine kennel cough can be transmitted quickly among dogs in the close quarters of a kennel or animal shelter. And while most kennels require proof of vaccination, this does not always preclude the possibility that your dog could come into contact with, and possibly contract, the cough. ...more
Bekka Burton
It's one thing to attend a cat show for pedigree; it's another thing altogether to attend a cat show for feline fashionistas. Yes, cat fashion shows do exist and they are giving a whole new meaning to the term "catwalk." A well-known fashion show in the world of furry four-legged creatures is the Kitty CATure Fashion Show in New York City, presented by the American Kennel Association and the International Cat Association. CATure is a witty spin on the French phrase haute couture, which translates to "high sewing," a phrase often used to describe upscale, hand-sewn human wear. ...more

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