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Oh oh, my sister is Sexist - but in a good way.. #Kiva

While we have been a bit upset with Kiva after seeing posts on the internet stating that their lenders who loan the money to the requestors, charge up to 100% interest to the borrowers. Kiva has told/assured us that is not the case, and we are hoping that is the truth. 
We did take advantage of their special today whereby your donation is matched, so goes twice as far. Then we were pleasantly surprised to see their new analytics that show how our small investments keep on giving. 

 (Now fully funded thanks to matching donations today: Berancille is a group leader, aged 35 years old. She is married and has three children between 5 and 12 years old. The group is called Ihumure, which means “faith” in English. The group members sell different products and they wish to expand their businesses to change their futures for the better. Berancille has a shop and has been running a business for four years. With this loan, Berancille would like to buy more cassava, bananas, and sorghum to sell. The profits from the business will be used to pay school fees for her children and to buy medical insurance.)

Yep, it shows that my sister strongly favors female entrepreneurs, but as women are far more likely than men to live in poverty, it is only helping to even things out a bit perhaps. We are just truly praying that these inspiring fellow small business men/women are benefitting far more than some unsavory lenders may be.

Anyway, here is the report:

Portfolio Distribution

Distribution By Country Country%
Armenia 6.06%
Bolivia 3.03%
Cambodia 3.03%
Congo 3.03%
Ecuador 3.03%
El Salvador 12.12%
Haiti 3.03%
Kenya 3.03%
Mali 3.03%
Mexico 6.06%
Nicaragua 3.03%
Pakistan 3.03%
Palestine 3.03%
Peru 12.12%
Philippines 3.03%
Rwanda 3.03%
Senegal 3.03%
Sierra Leone 3.03%
South Sudan 3.03%
Tanzania 6.06%
The Democratic Republic of The Congo 6.06%

United States 6.06%

Distribution By Sector Sector%
Agriculture 24.24%
Retail 24.24%
Food 18.18%
Education 9.09%
Clothing 6.06%
Services 6.06%
Transportation 3.03%
Housing 3.03%
Arts 3.03%
Manufacturing 3.03%
Retail 24.24%
Service 6.06%
Transportation 3.03%

Bottom line, things are looking brighter perhaps for a few fellow entrepreneurs around the world. If you wish to help with a Kiva microloan, today would be a good day as your contribution is matched/doubled. Thank you.

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