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Microloans - - Investing in Our Heroines & Heroes from 14 Countries!

Recenly we received repayment of about $50 on past loans that we had made to fellow citizens around the world. So we re-invested that and more into these inspiring entrepreneurs:

Meet 30-year-old Fatmata from Torkpoi town, Bo Southern area in Sierra Leone. She is married and has a six-year-old child. In 2007, Fatmata established her general store business. She began her business because she wanted to generate income to support her household. She works at the business from morning to night. She says that despite the hardship, she wants to educate her children.

Sokim is 21 years old and single, living with her parents and siblings in Bakan district, Pursat province. She has just graduated from high school and aimed to pursue a university degree. Sokim dreams of becoming a nurse. She is currently attending International University in Phnom Penh for her nursing degree. She is passionate about studying this subject because she hopes to raise her family out of poverty, and at the same time, help village people improve their health.

Cyrillah is a 30-year-old married woman. She has two children. She describes herself as determined. She operates a tailoring machine where she makes curtains. She has been involved in this business for five years. Her business is located in a vibrant place and her primary customers are of all types. She describes her biggest business challenge to be lack of funds. 

Christine is a vendor belonging to the « Elong B » group, of which she is the treasurer. She is a 50-year old entrepreneur, married and the mother of 10 children, six of whom are in school and four are still little. She sells various food products. She displays her products in food center in the city. [She] has launched her business with the funds received from her husband, a taxi driver. Later on, [she] received a loan from IMF Hekima. She has been in this business for 10 years. This new loan will allow her to stock up merchandise, such as 100 boxes of juice, biscuits, pasta, etc. 

Arina lives in the village of Ashotavan in the Syunik region of Armenia with her son, daughter-in-law, and two little grandchildren.
Arina's son and daughter-in-law are employed in the private sector, and Arina runs a farm. The salary that they earn is only enough for covering the family's basic needs. So, the family needs an alternative source of income in agriculture. 
The farm that Arina runs includes two cows, 20 sheep, and 14 chickens. She also owns farmable land where she cultivates wheat, corn, and potatoes. The harvest is sold locally. Arina asked for financial support to increase her livestock by 30 sheep. 

Elizabeth is a mother of 4 children. Three of them go to school. She heard about Finance South Sudan through marketing by loan officers. She is a business woman who runs a retail shop that sells mixed goods. She has been doing this business for 3 years now and has employed 2 staff to help. She also has houses that she rents out that earns her some extra income.
Elizabeth is borrowing a loan to help her buy more stock like soap, sugar, salt, beans, rice and many other mixed goods. The loan will also help her educate her children by paying school fees.

Update: This Group, whom we also supported, has repaid 100% of its loans! They are from Sengal working in Commerce and Livestock Farming. Congratulations and Continued Great Success to them!

So from one Texas family to these Heroes and Heroines, we send our love and best wishes!

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    Thank you to Addoway, too, for helping us to be able to help others in 14 different countries! Kiva is in 73 countries, with many industrious people working hard to expand their businesses, provide for their families/communities and better educate their children. $25 from you can really, really make a huge difference in the lives of our fellow world citizens. We encourgage you to try Kiva, too!

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