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Micro Loans = Win-Win

Do you Kiva?

We love this site as it actively allows anyone to help (on a small scale) others around the world jumpstart their entrepreneurial goals! Here is one super group that we love:

Khady Thiouth's Group, Kiva A portion of Khady Thiouth's Group's $5,000 loan helps a member to purchase smoked and dried fish and some palm oil. Senegal

This group still needs more help:

Luna Turquesa Group from Mexico still needs to have its loan at fully funded. Cristina needs a gas cylinder to help build her cooking business. She hopes to own a restaurant one day.

These two Peruvian Ladies are our heroes:

Yoni (L) got her loan from to continue her work making/selling furniture in Peru.
The sweet Peruvian lady on the Right=has a loan from to help her buy women's slippers to sell.

You, too, can help make a better world with just a little Micro Loan to groups as

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Curious George | January 6th 2014 at 1389077795

1. Is Kiva a platform of helping other people?
2. What are both the positive and negative or advantages and disadvantages of Kiva?
3. Are these run by field partners or volunteers?
4. Are there online lectures for those seeking to get involved?
5. Is this a part of SEF international’s program for education too?
6. How much have you donated?
NeillsDeals | January 7th 2014 at 1389078733

Thank you, George.
Yes, Kiva is a platform for helping people;

The positive aspects are that you donate small loans $25 or more to a specific person or group that you choose to help. Most will pay you back. It encourages them to launch businesses, gain more education, repair their home or business, etc. You see a face and their mission. The only negative (perhaps) is that you do not get to keep the money that is repaid to you. The idea is to keep playing it forward and making a new loan to someone else. Or you may donate small balances to Kiva to help them with their costs.

If you will look at the site,, you will find individual quests or group quests. Tree-Nation is another organization that is run by field partners. Kiva Staff are paid and volunteer.

To our knowledge, there are no online lectures, but there may be on their site:

It is a separate organization, but many of the loan-seekers are trying to get more education for themselves or their villages/communities.

Several hundred dollars.

Thank you,

carolyn & Bootsie for Neill
NeillsDeals | January 7th 2014 at 1389078843

PS: We have donated to each person or group here. They are posted as they have successfully repaid or nearly repaid their loans and are successfully growing their businesses.
NeillsDeals | January 8th 2014 at 1389206907

Here is a link to a video just out today from Kiva on the amazing and inspiring things that have happened around the world due to people helping people on a small scale:

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