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Maybe Our World Needs to Remember Harmony=Magic

Our world is so troubled, and so many are hurting in too many violent and unkind ways. Maybe that is why Pokemon Go and Reality/Escapism is so wildly and instantly popular, surpassing any app's use ever! 

Seeing a small section of humanity, we find that the Equestria Dolls, humanized versions of their My Little Pony counterparts, are also popular all over the world, among a wide array of cultures and religions. So maybe a review of what each of the key characters' attributes are could help us spread more Kindness, Harmony and Friendship everywhere! These values connect all of humanity and pony pods, too. 

Proceeds from the sale of our Equestria Girls go to an array of charities, many of whom are profiled on our Pinterest Worthy Causes Board.

Some of our favorites are the precious homeless children in the Philippines:

as well as for well over a decade the Homeless Keiki and Families in Hawaii!

Orphans in India:

Abused and Homeless Domestic Violence Survivors in the US:

as well as people all over the world working to make lives better for their families and their communities:

So please let us all gather up our core basic Human Instincts/Values on Kindness, Harmony, Honesty, etc. to make our World safer, healthier and more peaceful for all. Thank you!


From Wiki

Applejack – honesty

Applejack sees Element of Harmony S1E02


Applejack possesses the element of honesty. When a mountain ledge the friends are standing on crumbles, Twilight clings onto a ledge and is bewildered when Applejack tells her to let go because she is safe. Twilight trusts her and lets go. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy catch her mid-fall and carry her to safety. The element of honesty is as a gold necklace with an orange apple-shaped gem that looks like the apples in Applejack's cutie mark.

Fluttershy – kindness

Fluttershy sees Element of Harmony S1E02


Fluttershy possesses the element of kindness. When the friends encounter an angry manticore, they decide to fight it, but Fluttershy calmly approaches it. She removes a thorn stuck in the manticore's paw, calming the beast.

The element of kindness is as a gold necklace with a pink butterfly-shaped gem that looks like the butterflies in Fluttershy's cutie mark.

Pinkie Pie – laughter

Pinkie Pie sees Element of Harmony S1E02


Pinkie Pie possesses the element of laughter. The friends enter a dense forest of trees with scary faces, but Pinkie Pie laughs and makes funny faces at the trees, causing the faces on the trees to vanish in pink smoke with sparkles. She explains that they can conquer their fears just by laughing at them.

The element of laughter is a gold necklace with a blue balloon-shaped gem that looks like the balloons in Pinkie's cutie mark.

Rarity – generosity

Rarity sees Element of Harmony S1E02


Rarity possesses the element of generosity. The friends cannot cross a river because a sea serpent, who is upset about his ruined mustache, is agitating the water. Rarity sympathizes with him and cuts off her own tail to repair his mustache. The grateful sea serpent helps them cross the river.

The element of generosity is as a gold necklace with a purple diamond-shaped gem that looks like the diamonds in Rarity's cutie mark. The necklace itself is also similar to Princess Celestia's necklace.

Rainbow Dash – loyalty

Rainbow Dash sees Element of Harmony S1E02


Rainbow Dash possesses the element of loyalty. The ponies encounter a broken rope bridge stretching across a ravine. Rainbow Dash volunteers to fly over and tie the other end of the bridge, but is confronted by a group of dark ponies who call themselves the Shadowbolts. They flatter Rainbow Dash and invite her to join them as their captain, as long as she abandons her friends. Rainbow Dash is tempted, but ultimately declines the Shadowbolts' offer. She ties the bridge, letting the others cross.

The element of loyalty is as a gold necklace with a red gem shaped similarly to the thunderbolt in Rainbow Dash's cutie mark.

Twilight Sparkle – magic 

Twilight Sparkle sees Element of Harmony S1E02


Twilight Sparkle possesses the element of magic. When her friends come to her aid in the castle ruins, she realizes that they are her friends, and a "spark" within her activates the Elements of Harmony.

The element of magic is a gold tiara studded with sapphires and a magenta star-shaped gem reminiscent of Twilight's cutie mark.

In Magical Mystery Cure, the crown is shaped differently after Twilight becomes a princess. It is a lighter shade of gold, no longer has sapphires, and rests horizontally, not vertically, on Twilight's head. The element is also redesigned as well; the shines are on the right, not the left, and the large point of the star faces downward instead of upward.

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