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Masaka Beauty Shop - Kiva in Kenya

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Masaka Beauty Shop And Cosmetics

Nairobi, Kenya


Personal Story

I Masaka Rashid Mwabeti 22 years old was born in mombasa county, kwale district in tiwi village in coastal region of Kenya near the Indian ocean in a family of seven, we are all still alive along our parents. it rains, we grow maize,mango and coconut.its a place where only two tribes reside taita and mijikenda.its sparsely populated though because young men have gone to the city to look for well paying jobs and not farming.we really struggled to reach where we are now but we all learned one thing never to give up harsh circumstance will pass but ther is a better tomorow.things were more tough because our dad was drinking thus neglecting his roles thus burdening our great mother .

I am in nairobi city about 500kilometres away from my up country where I live in kibera and operate my business in adams about two kilometers where I live.

My dream is to to grow my beauty business to a large one and empower women because we are going through a lot as a gender thus my passion to mentor women to be self reliant and learn to take position economically.

In our upcountry we all used to go to school at the same time do business since our parents were nit able to provide for us all in our we used to help them to support each that how I got the spirit in business though in a different field of beauty which has been my call in life.

Business Description

I sell cosmetics,weave, blow setting,ped cure and manicure at my place of work.

I decided to start this great business in he year 2011 in October.

I wanted to be self reliant in meeting my needs and supporting my siblings and parents to earn a living using my gift.

My biggest challenge has been funds to purchase stock and be able to meet the desires or rather services my different clients need.

My customers are both low, middle and high class end people who are mostly women and men who happen to know me because of services I once offered or those who pass around my shop or through referrals from existing clients.

My goal is to manage my business to be big and retain my new and existing clients in a great way.

I am proud when I serve my clients best and they get satisfied and also getting referral from the clients I have attended to to get new ones without I marketing myself in regard to quality and affordable services I offer to every client I attend to..

What is the purpose of this loan?

I am going to buy cosmetics using ksh 20000 to add stock to my shop.

I will have stock to use on my clients as I serve them to their best thus more revenue and profit.

My business will grow, will reach more clients at the same time be able to retain them fully. I will create jobs for other young ladies who are job less and engage them as a way of giving to society. My life will improve, will be more productive because of peace. it will also boast my self esteem and confidence in my work.

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Reader Comments  (1)

NeillsDeals | November 19th 2014 at 1416413325

This note just in from Masaka's Zip Kiva Trustee/Sponsor:

Dear Lenders...... I am grateful for your support towards my borrower Masaka....I am looking forward to a great impact to her business,life and family too. As her trustee will do my best in my dedication and diligence for better.I am humbled with what Kiva zip is doing indeed you are enabling many borrowers who got potential in the city and village access funds thus transforming lives in a great way. Thanks all and its great privilege to be part of you. thanks again.

Wycliffe, Zip Lender and Trustee

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