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Lucky Parrots!

Intuit Grant Gives Lucky Birds a New Lease on Life


Tropical parrots are among the most exotic, beautiful, and intelligent creatures that may be kept as domesticated pets. As such, they’re always in demand. But caring for the birds — which are known for their colorful plumage, hooked bills, and blunt tongues — is a massive responsibility that many owners are unable or unprepared to handle.

“Parrots are very long-lived,” notes Judy Tennant, founder of Parrot Partner, a rescue and rehabilitation center based in Ottawa, Ontario. “Some of them can live for up to 80 years.” Many people are forced to give up their birds for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is how demanding they are, she explains.

“They are wild animals — semi-tame,” the bird handler and trainer says, noting that there are very few places for relinquished birds to go today due to the heavy demands of their care.

“We offer a place that will take care of them and train them,” Tennant says of Parrot Partner, which she formally launched in 2011. “We have a veterinary technician on staff, and I’ve got a background in exotic animal training and behavior modification.”

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