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It's Fall, Let's Travel! Start at are some ideas.

Wow! November is almost here and the cool, invigorating air beckons us to go..somewhere, anywhere! The royal flush of Autumn Colors is resplendent, even Glorious! Long ago a friend and his family would pull out a map with places near them, shut the picker's eyes and he or she would blindly point to a place on the map. That was their Destination de Jour!  They would pack up the kids and picnic supplies and head out for their latest adventure!

Our favorite place was Apple Hill in CA and the Adirondacks in NY! The colors were awesome, the roads curvy and narrow, the fruit stands along the road all calling our names! Apples, Pumpkins and Pumpkin Patches, Hayrides out to pick our own Jack-O-Lanterns, and the guide/driver pointing out the beautiful Evergreens nearby for us to come pick out our own Christmas Tree later. Wow! Oh, and homemade Apple Donuts Apple Crunch, Apple Pies and every color of Fresh Picked Apples imaginable!

So put the mouse down and just go! Work will still be there when you get back, but the weekend is time to Live! to enjoy the Beauty and the Surging Sprits that temperature changes bring! It is OK to crush fallen leaves! or jump into a pile of them! The squirrels are busy gathering those acorns, scurrying everywhere, pausing though to peek at you as they frisk up a near-by tree. 

If you are more of a City person, here is a fun list from Yahoo Travel of America's Top 10 Cities  for you, beginning with one of our all-time Favorites: Napa! Wine-Tasting Tours are so fun, even if you don't taste the wine. The Wineries are all unique and like a small Disneyland for the senses! Plus the People you meet are delightful!

10. Napa, California
Readers' Choice Rating: 78.1

Culture: 74.8
Friendliness: 78.3
Atmosphere: 85.1
Restaurants: 87.1
Lodging: 81.1
Shopping: 60.1

Known as one of the finest wine regions in the world, Napa also has the cuisine to match: It's home to French Laundry, one of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the world, among others. And the rolling hills with endless grapevines make the "mini Tuscany," "one of the most beautiful places on earth."  


For the rest of the list, you will need to go here.

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