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Is there really Magic in Friendship? Especially in My Little Pony World

What is the fascination with little ponies in different colors with long manes to brush? and now in their human incarnations - the Equestria Girls!  Well, tune in tomorrow on an array of places, and you may see it for yourself! Season 4 of May Little Pony Friendship is Magic starts tomorrow: 11/23/13!

There are so many ways to watch the story continue:
Hub TV - Check your listings for current Showtimes

As one of the new Girl forms of the ever Popular Pinkie Pie have been literally flying off the shelves, with many retail centers' limiting purchases to one per customer, we just wondered.

Here is the story line for those unfamiliar with it:
In the magical land of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle lives with her friends Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike in the town of Ponyville. Together, they learn about the magic of friendship.

Here is some background from Wikipedia on the very cute and talented award-winning animator, Lauren Faust:

Lauren Faust
Born July 25, 1974 (age 39)
Nationality American
Alma mater California Institute of the Arts
Occupation Animator
Years active 1994–present
Known for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
The Powerpuff Girls


Faust attended the California Institute of Arts from 1992 to 1994, working as a layout artist at Rough Draft Studios. She then worked as an animator at Turner Feature Animation for two years and then as an animator for Warner Bros. Feature Animation for two years. Faust started working at Cartoon Network Studios in 1999. She worked as a storyboard artist and writer at Cartoon Network Studios for four years and then as a supervising producer and story supervisor.[3]

Faust's early career focused on animated feature films, working on Cats Don't DanceQuest for Camelot, and The Iron Giant as an animator. She shifted to television animation in the 2000s, working on The Powerpuff GirlsFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsMy Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicSuper Best Friends Forever,[4] and Wander Over Yonder. She is also the creator and developer of the toy line Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls.


In 2004, Faust was nominated for an Emmy Award. In 2005, she was nominated for an Annie Award.[3]


Faust worked with Hasbro to develop the company's My Little Pony property, resulting in the series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.[2] The series proved to be a major success not only with the primary young female audience, but also significantly among adult and teen males who became popularly known as "bronies".[5]

Personal life

Faust is married to Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff GirlsFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Wander Over Yonder.[2] ...more

And for anyone who may want some Magic in their lives or that of a Little One, we have several of the super popular new Equestria Girls, some with their pony. Here is Twilight Sparkle:

We have many of these cute dolls, Hasbro's answer to Barbie and the Monster High Dolls, back in stock. Wherever you get them, you should be sure to put it on your Gift List and get it soon! Happy Thanksgiving & Hanukkah (& soon Merry Christmas) to all!


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