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Improve Your New Year's Resolutions (Weight Loss/Eating Healthier)- US News & Reports

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In January, you can't go anywhere without seeing ads for instant fat reduction and weight loss. You may have even made a New Year's resolution to make 2014 your year of change. While I support goal-setting, I hate to see people make unrealistic plans to manage their weight and health. Weight issues are not isolated problems. This is why I have always focused on a holistic approach to health. I believe if you eat well, move enough and manage stress, your body will reach its optimal weight. This is not a quick fix, but a long-term investment in you.

Optimal body composition. Popular culture is obsessed with weight, but this obsession is focused primarily on numbers instead of overall body health. While clean eating can help you lose weight, a healthy body composition is about whole body health for life and is a far better indicator of wellness than what size clothes you wear. Achieve a healthy body composition by getting enough sleep, managing stress, moving consistently and eating nutrient-dense food. Focusing on health holistically is a sustainable answer, whereas going on a diet only focuses on one element.

Add - don't subtract. You're setting yourself up for failure by focusing on what you can't have in the new year. Think about what one change you can make for a better, healthier or easier life. You don't have to view nutrition as black and white, or good and bad. Look at each part of your life, and see which small changes could lead to big results. ...more

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