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How Fun! Check out the Newest My Little Pony Rockin' Equestria Dolls!

For those who did not know, all the My Little Ponies now have matching Girl Dolls (to compete, of course, with Barbie and the Monster High Ghouls)! They went through a magic mirror last year, much like Alice's falling into Wonderland following the Rabbit down his Magic Hole. The Equestria Girls go to Canterlot High, and now have a Girl Band (perhaps to bring the popularity/aura of a long ago TV Series, Josie & The Pussycats, to help build adoration for the New Girl Band)!

Some have not been released (or perhaps made yet), but we have just received the first four of the Pony Teens with their Musical Accessories!

Please Meet the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Band Members:

~ Lead Singer with the Micrcophone is Head Pony Girl Twilight Sparkle who Sings!

~Accompanying her on drums and also singing is Pinkie Pie!

~ Guitarists Rainbow Dash and Applejack round out the Band (so far)! Their guitars are also stamp pads and they have an extra set of boots that are the stampers! Kids are encouraged to stamp the dolls, their hair, their posters, etc. 

~ Soon to come will be Fluttershy, Rarity and friends...and of course, girls are encouraged to collect them all! and/or share with their friends!

We have to admit, it is a crazy idea, but certainly encourages individuality in personalities, looks, clothing, etc. in the young girls of today. Diversity Rocks in the Rainbow Rocks Band! Plus it helps Hasbro expand on their longtime super popular My Little Pony brand..into the Fashionista Doll world!

What do you think?

PS: The Equestria Girls do not have feet, as their designer boots are too complex for children to try to get them on feet, so they are more like Legos - just snap in place.

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Curious George | June 18th 2014 at 1403136191

1. What's a fashionista? (never heard of that)
2. Are they made in USA?
3. Do they peel or are the color dyes graded in purity for lead inspection?
4. They sorta remind me of our own Spice Girls Band from the earlier years. Do they sing too or can they play us a tune?
NeillsDeals | June 18th 2014 at 1403141827

Wow, Curi! You know your Toys and Dolls!

Going to #4 first, these are the descendants of the famous Spice Girls that you noted! A few do sing - on this 'blog' the first two Twilight Sparkle (Lead) and Pinkie Pie on Drums sing. You made us have to look up info on the Spice Girls and this is very cool:
From Wikipedia - The Spice Girls dolls are celebrity dolls based on the popular girl-group the Spice Girls. They were released by Galoob Toys from 1997. The dolls became a huge hit during the Christmas seasons of 1997 and 1998,[1] selling over eleven million[citation needed].

Eleven different sets of dolls were released. A "Sound Stage" playset was released and extra costumes "Spiceworld Fashions" (two sets of four fashions), later sold as "Spice It Up 2". The most sought after line of all the dolls is the original "Girl Power" set. The set features Geri Halliwell in her iconic Union Flag dress. Dolls featuring the girls with outfits from their music videos were planned, but never released.

When Geri Halliwell departed from the group in May 1998, Galoob continued the line with all five girls. It was a year after she left when Galoob finally released the sets of dolls that only had the four remaining girls. More than likely "On Tour," "Superstar Collection," "Concert Collection, and "Spice It Up! 1" were far enough into production that Galoob decided to release the Geri doll. Galoob was subsequently bought by Hasbro. Hasbro was going to continue the line into 2000, with the "Millennium Tour Collection" set for release in October. The Hasbro website had a page saying coming soon, but Hasbro stopped the line when the future of the Spice Girls became uncertain.

Hasbro makes these dolls...building on their super popular My Little Pony characters.

#1 - A Fashionista is a girl who love fashions/clothes, and she loves to mix them/pieces/accessories up to make a style all her own...that others will want to copy.

#2 - Made in China - sorry...

#3 - No, they do not peel, and are inspected to be sure that they are lead free. The US is requiring that of all good manufactured in other that is a good thing!

The last two dolls with the guitars are super popular, as their guitars are stamp pads, and their boots the stamp designs. So the girls love to stomp in the guitar ink and put the designs all over their doll's clothes. They seem to appeal more than having the others sing them a tune;o)

But they will all sell well as the holidays approach...with strawberry blonde Pinkie Pie usually selling out before the head Equestria Girl, Twilight Sparkle.

You are such a sport to take time to read and comment on posts. You are definitely an asset to Addoway! Thank you!
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Curious George | June 19th 2014 at 1403183269

1. Thanks, Are there any other "assets" on Addoway? If so, who and why? So I can read them. Knowledge is good for the brain especially when it ages!

2. I don't know but if strawberry blonde Pinkie Pie were sitting at the table next to me while I was enjoying my daily strawberry cheesecake dessert, I'd feel sorta odd eating something quite colorful yet delicious as it stares back at me, lol. I enjoy eating strawberries...Just the other day when I walked into the barber shop was a young gal cutting hair. Hers was color purple with strawberry red on the lower ends. I felt like it was Christmas In July already! No harm intended, just expressing what my brain sees and my eyes think, lol

3. I'm usually awake late nights (almost always) and enjoy jumping from site to site to read blogs and also comments from forums and also enjoy reading AARP online. Haven't seen anyone do a blog for Senior Citizens on this site yet but the young fun stuff is so refreshing and it does make us feel, Forever Young Again.

Merry Christmas within your shop next month!
NeillsDeals | June 19th 2014 at 1403191838

Hello, George!

Yes, there are so many super people on Addoway! Two of our favorite Addoway Ambassadors are TurkishMarket-USA and Montrose ! For some reason Montrose's site is not working right today, so it is probably better to wait a day or two to check it out.
Other favorites, one you know and have corresponded with on Ivory, European Goodies , AsmatCollection , , JuanitaMart47 , Walter W/Market Man Online , DonnasStuffMore (problem on that site today, too, so Addoway must be having/working on some technical issues today), Diana's Designs and Virtual Designs .

Regarding #2, yes, these dolls and others in the marketplace do look yummy, and that is probably the marketing edge that they are hoping for! Linking subliminally your enjoyment os Strawberry Cheesecake with a pop princess doll! We actually love the creativity that abounds in hair colors and styles...keeps everyone young and on their toes like you said;o)

For #3, you are amazing! Keep up the great work, Curi!!

If you like to use Pinterest (free bulletin board site with millions of users), here are some from my sisters' boards that may be of interest: Seniors and History:

They do need more pins, and I will try to get them to work more on those!

Thank you again, Curi! Have a great day!
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Curious George | June 19th 2014 at 1403193596

I see, ok. There must also be problems on this site too because since posting my first blog comment, it still shows this

404 error
Looks like you've driven off course
The page you requested cannot be found

The others show fine. Have you considered clearing your cache and cookies today?

I did see the DonnasStuff shop. Interesting.
Pins? As in bobby pins? Nah, don't keep them. I prefer just to read. Its great for insomnia.

Cheers, amazing Curi
NeillsDeals | June 19th 2014 at 1403196788

Sorry, Amazing Curi,

It works for us, but the other two did not. Yes, we cleared cache and cookies. Will report it, but they probably already know.

Pins are mostly pictures, so your blogs are better for your late night reading!

Thank you, too, for the Christmas in July good wishes!

Monty | June 19th 2014 at 1403214692

@Neillsdeals: Hi, this is Monty.... +hank yoU for having me as one of your favorite Addoway Ambassadors. Sweet!


@Mr.Curi: Hi, I wanted to share this with you & others since it was nicely mentioned.

One of my (Addo) customers sent me message saying that according this blog said that

"For some reason Montrose's site is not working right today, so it is probably better to wait a day or two to check it out."...

And so today, our dearest friend/CEO: Mr. Fredrick Nijm contacted me (just now) to say:

Hi there, Everything looks fine on our end.
Thank you.
Fredrick Nijm

So by all means, please share with others to continue visiting me @>

And also get 25 Addo Bucks FREE @>

PS: I did take the liberty to notice Ms. Donna's shop and it is also 100% in Full OPEN Come In To Shop.

Fred did suggest that "if" someone is "not seeing our shops" then they should definitely consider ► Try logging out, clearing your browser cache, history and cookies and trying again and let us know if it doesn't look like it's working for you. Thank you.

Please come back soon Mr. Curi..And Thank you once again to our "Little Ponies" for this blog....

Carry on!
ciaO, Monty
Bootsies | June 19th 2014 at 1403217083

Hi Montrose,

This is one of Neill's sisters..thank you and glad that your site is working fine for most now. We have done all Fred mentioned and still cannot get you or Donna's sites to load. But we have sent the error message to Fred and his team...who are amazing, as you mentioned! But we did not mean to encourage people not to look at your site. Sorry that one person misunderstood. Thank you and Curi, too! and of course the Ponies!

Monty | June 19th 2014 at 1403219329 - in reply to bootsies

Hi Pals, its Monty....oh no. It was more an FYI that brought to my immediate attn. by one of most regular buyers. Had it not been mentioned here then we possibly would not have ever known, thanks to this blog. I do know that anyone using iPhones or pad (since Sunday) are having url or site view issues, etc...Fortunately, we're on 6 desktops.

Again, I want to THANK your audience by letting us know about this.

Give the Ponies a cyber hug for me (LOL) just kidding...

I've been on Etsy (all week) and also see that folks there are having "Bug issues" too.
Bootsies | June 19th 2014 at 1403220304


It works on Firefox (your storefront and DonnasStuffMore) and probably most non-Mac/iphone/ipad ones..Good diagnosis! Sorry that Etsy is having problems, too! So happy that the Ponies brought so many people together! and who says that they are not techno-geeks??

carolyn & Bootsie

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