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Fostering a Dog: It's Good for Your Heart and Your Wallet -

wenty thousand dollars is a lot of money. It could be a down payment on a home. It could pay off the lion's share of an average college graduate's student loan debt. Or it could buy you a whole lot of cute.

According to the folks at Veterinary Pet Insurance, $20,000 is also the average cost of raising a dog from puppy through, well, the end. Granted, Veterinary Pet Insurance (a subsidiary of insurance-giant Nationwide) is trying to sell you its product, and plenty of people manage to raise a dog for less. But you do have to feed them, cover medical expenses, pay for dog-sitters or walkers if you travel, and buy the occasional bone or tennis ball.

But if you'd like some furry companionship for a lot less, one alternative is to become a dog foster home.
Lots of Love, but Very Little Space 

Lillian Madrigal, a public health consultant in Atlanta, knew she wanted a dog in her life but was unsure if her life was ready for a dog. "My roommate and I are pretty puppy-crazy, always looking at adoption websites and wanting to get all of the dogs, but we live in a small apartment with no yard, so we weren't sure if we could commit to keeping a dog long term," said Madrigal.

Fostering a dog through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue let them see if their lives as young professionals were conducive to caring for a pet. They went through a home visit and car check to ensure they were providing a safe space for Truly, their foster-dog-to-be. ...more

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Curious George | June 1st 2014 at 1401688821

1. Is it true that a dog is a man's best friend?
2. Should everyone on earth be required to "curb your dog" outdoors?
3. Is there pet insurance available if someone has a turtle ? (hmm, maybe not)
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Ginger | June 2nd 2014 at 1401731468

The man in the photo is very handsome. Is he available on Attaway?
Forget the dog! just kidding about the dog.

Yes, I do donate money to our local animal shelter. There should never be abandoned animals in this world.
NeillsDeals | June 2nd 2014 at 1401743220

Thank you, Curi and Ginger for taking time to comment!

If we find the guy on any site, we will let you know, Ginger! Thank you for supporting your local shelter!

Yes, Curi, Dog is Man's Best Friend;o) Always loyal, ready for a walk or run, wants to make you happy! Of course, every owner should be responsible for his/her pet, their behavior, safety and care, too. Not sure about pet insurance on Turtles, but have seen it for cats, dogs, and birds. Cheers!

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