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Do you know who the High Princess is of the My Little Pony World?

Imagine The White Rabbit jumping through the Magic Hole and becoming Alice in Wonderland... at High School! Instead of the watch and the I'm Late White Hare, Alice is after her crown stolen by the Queen of Hearts' bullying daughter. So in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Land, the unicorn Princess, Celestia, has seen the AmAzInG magical powers of the Purple Pony, Twilight Sparkle! And she has made her a Princess! with a beautiful Golden Crown to wear!

With all her new titles and gear, Twilight Sparkle is a bit overwhelmed, somewhat embarrassed. So she hides her crown, as does not feel worthy to wear it.  That night, the adorable, but jealous Sunset Shimmer, stealthily sneaks into Twilight Sparkle's room and grabs the crown! As she flees with the golden treasure, Twilight Sparkle awakens and gives chase. Sunset Shimmer dashes through a Magic Mirror (Portal), and Twilight Sparkle bravely gallops into the Mirror, as does her devoted sidekick, Spike the Dragon. She tumbles and rolls, and does not understand her surroundings, a busy High School...nor does she get what her hooves have become....they have fingers! And Spike has grown ears and looks like a Dog!

As she comes to realize that she is a human form of herself, she at first panics, then sees familiar faces in the school....her other Pony Friends...but also as Girls! They rush over to tell her that Sunset Shimmer has claimed the Crown, and that the Principal (Celestia) has it in her office. Twilight Sparkle goes to see Principal Celestia, who explains that Twilight Sparkle must now compete in the School Dance to win her crown. Of course, everyone thinks Sunset Shimmer will win the crown......

See the movie trailer clip here.....

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