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Courage ~ Encouragement - Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Breast Cancer Patients/Survivors

Do you have a loved one or friend who is fighting or recovering from Breast Cancer? If so, you  know how hard it is to try to help, when their treatments, surgeries and the illness itself seem so daunting. Perhaps it is just that diagnosis is so much better than it used to be, but the numbers who are affected with this egregious disease seem to exponentially increase every day!

Several of our dear family and friends have fought and are fighting Breast Cancer daily. Our hearts go out to them and their closest loved does our deepest awe/regard for their heroic attitudes and determination! In that spirit, Bootsie, one of my sisters, went to favorite sites ~ Addoway, Bonanza, Etsy and Zazzle specifically looking for things that might cheer up someone. As a sweet niece said, people are there for you in the beginning, but long after it is your now, they are on to other things in their busy lives. A small gift every now and then gives an extra boost in morale and courage to help loved ones continue their fights.

We love this Handmade Angel Ornament by HopesLittleAngels:

(She has many more angels for other cancers and support for our troops, etc. on her Bonanza site, also called HopesLittleAngels. We have given a necklace version of this pin, and the ladies loved them!)

Here is what Bootsie (our family's Martha Stewart) created on Pinterest of things she likes:

To show her caring support of Breast Cancer patients and survivors, Marcia/JazzyBeads has designed and created several lovely jewelry pieces for these VIP Special Ladies. We love this Necklace and there is a matching bracelet as well:

Survivors and Caregivers, you are such Heroines & Heroes! May your journeys to wellness be completed soon! Please take care.

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NeillsDeals | January 10th 2015 at 1420910531

Our family, too, has been sadly affected by this egregious disease...and we have too often felt so helpless on what to do for our loved ones, especially those who live far away. We found a Gift Basket from Great Arrivals that was created for them by someone, a dear man, whose life was also touched by Breast Cancer...his wife had it. So he suggested the Courage, Hope, Strength Gift Basket to show his wife and other patients love and support. We sent several and the ladies and their families were so touched and appreciative. So we wrote to the company and are now proud to offer the Gift Basket on my sister, Bootsie's site:

One was bought yesterday by a sweet husband for his wife, who was recently diagnosed. It has a journal, which many find cathartic in helping them to keep track of feelings, concerns, treatments, thoughts... A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Susan G Komen Research Foundation.

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