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Comic-Con 2013 in Super Hero Fun Mode in San Diego

Enjoy the Fun of Comic-Con 2013!

Spider-Man, Super Man and all the Super-Heroes are there! You can be, too, through the magic of the internet! See what these two fun icons are up to, enthralling the masses! Our next post will take you to the Land of My Little Pony, where Friendship is Magic!

Spider-Man swoops into Comic-Con in full regalia

 | Associated Pres

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Spider-Man himself made an appearance at Comic-Con, scaling nearby hotels to swoop into a panel in the San Diego Convention Center's largest exhibition hall.

Andrew Garfield, who plays the web-slinging superhero in "The Amazing Spider-Man" and its forthcoming sequel, was nowhere in sight. The actor only joined the panel once Spidey left.

Garfield, along with Jamie Foxx, director Marc Webb and the film's producers, offered convention-goers the first look Friday at footage from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," which is set for release next year.

But first, Spider-Man told the crowd of nearly 6,000 fans that he loves Comic-Con, saying, "It's the only place where I feel normal."

He complimented Foxx, who plays the villain Electro in the new film, saying he first noticed him opposite Al Pacino in "Any Given Sunday." ...more


Superman celebrates 75 years with Comic-Con costume tour

Brian Truitt, USA TODAY


Fans at the pop-culture event can check out a variety of Man of Steel threads from 1978 to the present.

SAN DIEGO — It's Sophie's choice, Superman style.

Deciding his favorite of the Man of Steel's superhero costumes on display at the DC Entertainment booth at Comic-Con is truly a tough call for DC co-publisher Dan DiDio.
Like most fans probably would, he turns to nostalgia for his choice.
"The Christopher Reeve one," he says, showing off the vibrant blue and red outfit from the original 1978Superman movie housed with other costumes at the San Diego Convention Center. "I've gotta go classic."

Giving more than 125,000 Comic-Con attendees a chance to check out the many threads of Superman is part of DC's continuing celebration the Man of Steel's 75th anniversary in 2013.
Reeves' signature costume is one of eight at the DC booth, which also includes the late actor's Evil Superman duds from Superman III (1983) — Superman ends up fighting his bad-guy doppelgänger, whose outfit grows darker during the movie, according to Leith Adams, executive director of Warner Bros' corporate archive. ...more

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