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Can you please help? Just $25 towards a Micro Loan to help another entrepreneur! #Kiva

We just got notified that some more loan payments have been repaid from our support of other entrepreneurs around the world through Micro Loans. So we reinvested those funds in these hard working fellow citizens doing the same thing that we are doing. Please see if you can help someone that speaks to you, too. 

Sandra Carolina

El Salvador Retail | General Store

Sandra is 34 years old and lives with her husband and their two daughters. She has
a small store located in her home. Sandra has many customers who prefer to do
business with her because of the quality of her products andthe good prices. With
what she earns from her sales, Sandra is able to help her husband with some of the
household expenses. 

She is requesting a loan in order to buy basic grains, soft drinks, soups, snack foods,
coffee, sugar, and other products. As a result, she and her family can have a better
quality of life.

Gloria Luz

El Salvador Retail | General Store

Gloria is 42 years old and lives with her husband and their two children. She has a
shop in her home, and with what she earns from her sales she is able to pay some
of the family's expenses. Gloria is seeking a loan in order to buy sugar, sodas, eggs,
cheese, and other products for her business, and so hopes to give her family a
better quality of life.

Benkadi 1 Group

N'Torla, Mali Agriculture | Farming

The ten members of the group BENKADI 1 are married women who average 38
years of age and 5 children each. Most of them live in traditional families in N’TORLA,
a village located in the commune of the Kolokoba in the SIKASSO circle, 3rd
administrative region of Mali. 

They joined the microfinance institution Soro Yiriwaso to sustain their farming
activities during the rainy season, and this is their 7th loan cycle with the MFI.
All past loans were correctly repaid.

Mrs. SAFOURA grows groundnuts. She is the member standing second from the left
in the group photo. She will use her loan to buy three 50-kg sacks of fertilizer and
three jugs of herbicide, and to pay for the plowing needed to maintain 0.75 hectare
of farmland. 

After the harvest the crops will be sold in the village, in Sikasso, cash or credit, to a
clientele consisting of both men and women. 

Safoura expects to earn an average profit of 105,000 FCFA per season, which she
will use to repay her loan and its interest, and to help her husband with day-to-day

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